In Pictures: Bohemia shows off the agency’s new positioning and brand refresh


The event held last week on Thursday, February 9 in Sydney, attracted more than 100 industry guests

Bohemia unveiled the agency’s new positioning and brand refresh, held last week on Thursday, February 9 in Sydney.
The event attracted more than 100 industry guests, where CEO Paul Hutchison unveiled the agency’s new positioning and brand refresh, which taps into a combination of intelligence and intuition to “handcraft memorable media.”
Held at the newly transformed M&C Saatchi Group offices in the evocative and historic former Transport House on Macquarie Street, the event included a gin experience with Archie Rose to blend individually handcrafted gins for guests, plus JAZZ, a DJ and musician who delivered famous songs in different styles.


Paul Hutchison


 Hutchison, Sev Griffiths and Max Broer


Alana Mazza, Rachel Lundy and Aleksa Rokvic (Bohemia)

Nichola Kiely (Bohemia) Jodey Bradley (ARN) Elise Cunningham (ARN) and Josh Harrison (Bohemia)

Bohemia’s new positioning follows the appointment of Hutchison, the former CEO of Wavemaker in the UK, as CEO last year.

Since arriving in Australia, Hutchison has spent time with media partners, industry consultants, staff and clients to determine how Bohemia was perceived and how the agency should look in the future.
Hutchison said: “Following my conversations it is clear to me that while there is a lot of latent positive sentiment for Bohemia, the time is now for our agency to relaunch and re-state how we will help clients and brands grow. And for us to become a leading agency once again.”
The new positioning, and accompanying new logo, sees Bohemia handcraft bespoke processes and solutions for each of its clients and provide a handcrafted experience for its people.

Garth Moring, Natasha Young (Bohemia), Daniel McConochie and Shae Bonney (GOA)

Shannon Moriarty and Jessica Hunter (Cartology)

Chris Christofi and Mark Frain (Foxtel Media)

Garth Moring, Natasha Young, Daniel McConochie and Shae Bonney (GOA)

Hana Purvis, Mateus Zakarewicz, Matilda Pearl (Newscorp), Enrico Resuta (Newscorp) and Alana Mazza

Caitlin West (Bohemia), Elise Cunningham (ARN), Sev Griffiths, Stephanie Hughes (JCDecaux) and Max Broer 

In May last year, Bohemia Australia – part of the M&C Saatchi Group – announced the appointment of Hutchinson as CEO, replacing outgoing CEO Brett Dawson.
Hutchinson’s appointment came after he spent four years as the chief executive of Wavemaker UK, moving to Australia to tackle the Bohemia role.
Last week, Hutchinson spoke to Mediaweek about how he’s found the Australian market, the Bohemia brand refresh, and what comes next.
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Natalie Harvey (SWM), Adrian Bingham (Spotify), and Kate Perry (Spotify)


Claire Allison (QMS) David Pullinger (QMS), Paul Hutchison and Sev Griffiths


Sev Celik (Tonic Media Network) ad Sev Griffiths

Top image: Stefania Moreno, Sev Griffiths, Elsa Hornery, Chloe Andrews and Tanya Rojas Fort (Bohemia & M&Saatchi Group)

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