Three Bullfrog partners leave agency to launch business


Bagnasco, Speakman, and Hobba’s exit follows partner Alex Sol Watts’ departure in February.

Partners Simon Bagnasco, Alex Speakman, and Matilda Hobba are to depart creative agency Bullfrog. The trio will be launching their own venture, with Speakman staying on in a reduced capacity at Bullfrog.

Effective immediately, Elle Bullen will transition from her current co-creative leadership role to a sole position as creative leader.

Additionally, chief executive officer Dalton Henshaw, will also take on the duties of managing director.

Hobba joined the Melbourne independent in February last year, later rising to the rank of partner upon the arrival of Bagnasco and Speakman in May 2023, both from Saatchi & Saatchi.

All three have held the partner position for less than a year. In a comment, a spokesperson said Bullfrog had long been aware of Bagnasco, Speakman, and Hobba’s aspirations to start their own company and bring to life “a brilliant idea” they had nurtured for many years.

“We knew that when we brought them on board and have supported that passion over the last 12-months,” said the spokesperson.

“They are going to pursue that now, but they leave on extremely good terms – in fact, Alex will be staying on with Bullfrog in a reduced capacity, that will give him the freedom and flexibility to make this idea a reality and continue to support our clients as he has done brilliantly over the last year.

“We genuinely wish them all the best and can’t wait to see them bring their passion to life.”

In February, partner (communications and innovation) Alex Sol Watts left the agency after six months spent opening and leading the Sydney office.

Watts joined the independent agency in February last year on a contract as a strategy consultant. In August, he assumed a permanent role as a partner. That September, Bullfrog announced the appointment, and his addition to the leadership team.

When announcing his departure earlier this year, Watts told Mediaweek it was a matter of trusting his gut.

Watts said: “I needed something a bit different that matched my professional ambitions and personal focuses, and so we parted ways graciously. With these things, it’s better to make a call when your gut tells you versus waiting and seeing.”

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