Alex Sol Watts departs from creative agency Bullfrog

Bullfrog - Alex Sol Watts

“With these things, it’s better to make a call when your gut tells you versus waiting and seeing.”

Alex Sol Watts has left creative agency Bullfrog after six months spent opening and leading the Sydney office. Watts told Mediaweek it was a matter of trusting his gut: “I needed something a bit different that matched my professional ambitions and personal focuses, and so we parted ways graciously. With these things, it’s better to make a call when your gut tells you versus waiting and seeing.”

Watts joined the independent agency in February 2023 on a contract as a strategy consultant. In August, he took a permanent role as a partner – Communications and Innovations. In September, Bullfrog announced the appointment, and his addition to the leadership team.

On LinkedIn, Watts wrote: “After a brief but beautiful stint at Bullfrog, I’m out of the pond. A tough decision for me, as these things always are.

“I loved the team, the work, and the vision – but sometimes you know what you need, and it’s something different to what you’re doing. I can’t wait to see what Dalton and the rest of the team pull off in the next little while.”

Looking ahead, he noted that he would be making the most of the summer in Sydney with his family. He reassured the industry he would not be leaving advertising.

“I delight in working close to the problem – if it’s getting to the core of a brand, reframing the future of a business, building and developing a community, or just solving for the next sale. Relatively soon, if you need a pair of hands, I’ll be able to help out,” he added.

Dalton Henshaw, founder and chief executive officer of Bullfrog Global, told Mediaweek he wished Watts the best.

“When I first met Alex, his charisma and world-class smarts were hard to look past. In my opinion, what was more impressive was the first few words from our first conversation was essentially family is first, world-class work is a slight-second, which ultimately is now the decision we 100% respect in Alex prioritising what he promised from Day 1,” Henshaw said.

“The Bullfrog team wish Alex, [and his wife and son] Mary and Sly all the best on their journey ahead; we 100% know it will include plenty of veggie garden days and the passing on of the great arts of beekeeping.”

Prior to joining Bullfrog, Watts spent two years as head of social at DDB Sydney, and was head of social at Ogilvy Australia.

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Top image: Alex Sol Watts

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