ThinkTV Fact Pack: Latest Total TV report tracks growth of BVOD – live & on demand

TV Fact Pack

Despite viewing options, Total TV accounts 85%+ of linear live TV, BVOD grows 20% YOY

Highlights: ThinkTV Fact Pack

• TV maintains a huge reach to access Australian audiences
• BVOD viewing habits changing in continuing viewing trend
• Buying tool for agencies and clients needing access to audience summaries and trends

ThinkTV has this week released its bi-annual TV Fact Pack. The latest data in the much-used presentation tracks audiences across the six months ending June 30, 2022.

ThinkTV chief executive Kim Portrate told Mediaweek the TV Fact Packs are highly valued by the market and are the most downloaded of the annual research the organisation offers.


“We do it to save people time,” said Portrate. “It is most useful to agency people who are building decks or working on presentations to clients.

“This is the first ThinkTV Fact Pack in what you could call a more normal environment post-Covid. What we are seeing is what is part of a long-term trend is the way Australians are consuming television.

“There is much hype surrounding how many hours people spend on YouTube or how much time is spent watching Facebook video.

“Yet Live TV viewing accounts for 76.1% of people’s viewing time, with the figure climbing to 88.3% when factoring in Total TV data. Broadcasters still have enormous reach and scale in the home. What is particularly interesting are the BVOD numbers.

“The amount of BVOD live viewing is growing in addition to overall BVOD viewing. You could call this trend the Australian viewer digitising linear television as they increasingly watch through the apps.”

Watching on an app means the viewer is logged into the broadcaster’s platform and the data shows that BVOD is becoming a streaming service in addition to an on-demand platform for the viewer.

Each day there are on average 2.8m consumers watching via a connected TV from major commercial broadcasters.

The data in the Fact Pack tracks both total video viewing (including Netflix and others), plus Ad-supported viewing. From an advertiser point of view, the key area of interest is the audience where they can place their brands.

For advertisers wanting more detail about the growing BVOD audiences, there is information about the consumption of BVOD by different demographics.

TV Fact Pack

Download the ThinkTV Fact Pack here for all the facts and stats you need to know about Total TV

Acceptance of Total TV as currency for buyers

Portrate: “With Total TV the most important thing has been to make sure people understand the term. People now understand that TV is live and on demand, and can be delivered by broadcast or digitally via connected TVs and mobile devices.

“All of us and the ThinkTV shareholders use the same language. We try to ensure there is a common understanding of the term.”

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