The Trade Desk unveils its new approach for activating advertiser data

The Trade Desk - Galileo

Galileo can enable brands to unlock data in a privacy-conscious manner

The Trade Desk has unveiled its new approach for advertiser first-party data activation, Galileo.

Advertisers are increasingly looking to activate their valuable customer data as safely as possible to optimise media buys across all digital media while accurately measuring results and business outcomes.

Many major brands spend years building strong relationships with their loyal customers, generating unique and valuable insights regarding their target audiences. Galileo can enable brands to unlock that data in a privacy-conscious manner to find new customers that share similar characteristics. Galileo works in concert with new cross-channel identity solutions, including Unified ID 2.0 (UID2).

James Bayes, general manager of The Trade Desk Australia and New Zealand, said: “We are at a tipping point for the open internet.”

“The infrastructure of the internet is embracing new identity solutions built for today’s digital media consumption across different devices and apps, such as Unified ID 2.0. In doing so, they are creating the richest identity ecosystem we’ve ever experienced, and one that aims to put consumer privacy at the forefront.

“With Galileo, we will help the world’s major advertisers take advantage of this by unleashing the value of their most valuable customer data,” Bayes added.

Galileo can enable advertisers to onboard and activate their first-party data quickly and easily. It incorporates:
Seamless and direct onboarding integrations with all major customer relationship management (CRM), customer data platform (CDP), and other data and clean room providers, allowing advertisers to instantly begin matching audiences using UID2.
 • Audience matching capability across all publishers, platforms, devices, and channels — including connected TV — which provides a true omnichannel identity environment.
Objective reporting and measurement of identity matching and advertising performance.
Bayes said: “With most walled gardens’ onboarding proposals, advertisers do not get a transparent view of how their data is performing, and therefore how their campaigns are performing.
“Galileo and Unified ID 2.0 remove this obstacle and allow advertisers to optimise their data across all digital advertising channels with granular reporting on data performance,” he added.
As part of Galileo, The Trade Desk now has direct integrations with CRM, CDP and clean room providers, including Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Habu, InfoSum, LiveRamp, Salesforce, Snowflake and Tealium.

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