The Nutrition Couch podcast reaches 1 million downloads

the nutrition couch

• The podcast is produced by dietitians Leanne Ward and Susie Burrell for ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network

The Nutrition Couch podcast, produced by dietitians Leanne Ward and Susie Burrell for ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network has hit 1 million downloads in just over 12 months.

Throughout each episode, Leanne and Susie share their experience in working with everyday Australian women to achieve their health and well-being goals.

Each week the podcast covers topical news issues, client case studies, listener diet questions and their most popular episode format – a weekly supermarket produce review where Susie and Leanne break down some of the good and not so good products found in local supermarkets.

Co-host of The Nutrition Couch and Sydney-based dietitian Susie Burrell said, “When we started the show, we wanted to share the experiences we have working with real Australians in helping them to eat better. Our goal is to give our busy listeners practical, user-friendly and evidence-based advice from a range of qualified professionals.”

Fellow Co-host and one of Instagram’s leading dietitians based in Brisbane Leanne Ward added, “I think one of the reasons The Nutrition Couch has been so popular, is that it can be quite difficult to find sources of credible nutrition information.

“There are few regulations controlling who can give out personalised nutrition advice, with influencers, celebrities, or those who have completed a basic online course able to call themselves a nutritionist. Our goal with the podcast is to share professional dietary information in an easy to digest format.”

With Susie leading the conversation on hormones and children’s nutrition and Leanne more so specialising in fat loss and gut health, the duo have found the perfect recipe for podcast success.

To celebrate their 1 million downloads and connect with fans in person, The Nutrition Couch have three live shows planned in the coming months in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Tickets are tickets available via their website –

The Nutrition Couch is available to listen to via the free iHeart app or on any podcast streaming service.

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