Ho ho ho! Andy Lee is gifting us a very special edition of The Hundred just in time for the festive season

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How many of the 100 have to work on Christmas Day?

The Hundred with Andy Lee is heralding in the festive season with a very special Christmas episode.

Dropping on December 10 at 7.00 pm on Nine and 9Now, it’s nothing but naughty and nice as host Andy Lee will be joined by Sophie Monk, Tommy LittleAnne Edmonds and Mrs Claus!

“It’s an amazing cast,” Lee said in an interview with Mediaweek before the episode’s air date. “We answer questions like: How many of the 100 have to work on Christmas Day? Does anyone in the 100 have a family member they think should retire, because I think Santa is about 1000 years old…”

tommy little, anne edmonds, andy lee, sophie monk the hundred

Tommy Little, Anne Edmonds, Andy Lee and Sophie Monk. Nine

On top of this, the episode will feature a brand-new segment called This or That, which will essentially present Australia with two options to see which they prefer. And that’s where a passionate Monk, who has been a refreshing addition to the series, stamps her foot on the fact that Die Hard is an X-mas flick.

“She was very serious about that,” he said.

Speaking of Monk, Lee reflected on her involvement with the show and what she brings to the table each season.

“I think she loves doing it because she realises that a lot of her harebrained ideas, a lot of people share them,” he said. “But also she’s accidentally funny. She doesn’t even realise how funny she is.”

sophie monk the hundred

Sophie Monk. Nine

Why is The Hundred so successful?

As for the show’s success, Lee pointed out how the series has evolved since it began in August 2021.

“It’s been so much fun,” he said. “When you start out on a show, you don’t know exactly what it is. Like any new relationship, you think you’re in love, but it’s not working all together perfectly. But we’ve hit our sweet spot. It gives us a chance to take more risks and muck around.”

Lee says there’s a good reason people keep coming back for more, even though some of the topics can be divisive.

The Hundred Andy Lee

Andy Lee. Nine

“When we originally launched the show, the concern was that it was going to be divisive, that when we’re talking about different topics — and some of the more serious topics — that the show was going to have a kind of a frosty edge to it. But it turns out that it was done quite the opposite.”

He continued: “So if you’ve been generally opposed to something, and someone’s really being on their side, you realise that in this world at the moment — I think we share a lot more in common with people in certain aspects that we have very different views on, which is really nice.”

Watch The Hundred with Andy Lee Christmas episode on December 10 at 7.30 pm on Nine and 9Now.

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