The five reasons to add Boomtown to FY25 advertising plans

Boomtown 2025

The campaign aims to showcase why regional Australia is the ideal destination for brands this fiscal year.

Boomtown has launched a new campaign urging national brands and agencies to incorporate regional Australia into their FY25 advertising plans, for five good reasons.

The campaign, debuting today, aims to showcase why regional Australia is the ideal destination for brands this fiscal year.

The creative focus revolves around five key motivations to invest in Boomtown, supported by statistics highlighting the region’s growth, population, and spending potential for brands to leverage.

The five reasons to invest are:

Population: Boomtown boasts a substantial population of 9.6 million Australians, nearly double the population of New Zealand. Moreover, 14 out of Australia’s 19 cities are located within Boomtown, with most regional Australians residing in these cities and other urban hubs.

Income: Over a third of regional household incomes surpass $100k, offering residents a higher standard of living coupled with lower costs and more affordable housing options.

Spending: Disposable income in Boomtown is on the rise, providing residents with greater purchasing power. Notably, grocery expenditure in regional Australia exceeds that of metropolitan areas by 6.5%.

Growth: Regional areas are experiencing consistent growth, evidenced by record migration, job opportunities, and incomes each year. Boomtown is attracting more millennials than ever, reinforcing its status as a thriving destination.

ROI: Boomtown presents an advertising landscape for brands that is characterised by lower CPMs, less market clutter, and enhanced brand visibility. 92% of regional media buyers attest to Boomtown’s ability to deliver robust ROI, making it a prime choice for advertising endeavors.

Boomtown chairman, Brian Gallagher, said that the statistics speak for themselves, and prove “Boomtown is the place to be for Australian advertisers.”

“Our latest regional advertising campaign is designed to clearly show why regional Australia should be non-negotiable for brands. The data demonstrates what we’ve known about Boomtown for years – that it represents huge growth and sales opportunities for brands looking to reach a significant market with cash to spend.

“And it’s continuing to grow – migration to regional Australia is at a record high, with metro residents seeking out a ‘tree’ or ‘sea’ change and better lifestyles.”

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