The FBoy Island leads crown their winners, with one woman choosing an FBoy

FBoy Island leads

Did the FBoy take the money?

The FBoy Island winners have been picked, and despite knowing a contestant’s ill intentions, Sophie Blackley decided to take her chances on a self-proclaimed FBoy.

The men’s statuses were revealed in episode seven. Molly O’Halloran entered the finale with FBoy Vernon Lyon and Nice Guy Nick Brown, Sophie Blackley took Nice Guy Justin McNairn and FBoy Joshy Allen and Ziara Rae Freeny chose Nice Guy Izaya Leota and Nice Guy Corey Brown as her final two picks.

In the finale episode, which aired on Binge on Monday, June 26th, Molly, Sophie and Ziara named their winning contestants.

As the premise goes, if a lead chose a Nice Guy, they’ll split the $50,000 prize and leave the show together. However, if the woman picked a self-proclaimed FBoy, the winning contestant would have the option to leave the show single, and with all the prize money.

In the end, Molly and Ziara opted for Nice Guys as their winners, while Sophie chose an FBoy.

Molly O’Halloran chose Nick Brown

Sophie Blackley chose Joshy Allen

Ziara Rae Freeny chose Izaya Leota

Although Joshy was given the option to take all the money and leave Sophie empty-handed, he proved that he was a “reformed FBoy” and decided to split the prize with her and leave the show as a couple. However, despite Joshy’s good intentions, he and Sophie split shortly after the finale.

Molly and Ziara, who both opted for Nice Guys in Nick and Izaya, are still with their chosen FBoy Island winners. Both couples are currently doing long-distance, and plan to holiday in Bali in the near future.

Izaya told The Daily Telegraph: “We are going to go on a big holiday to Bali for a month, spend that time with each other and just celebrate our big win.”

Nick said:  “Marriage is not really in my mindset at the moment but we are definitely planning things together. We are planning things together but we haven’t talked about that (marriage).”

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