The Australian publishes inaugural The List: 100 Green Power Players

The Australian

• The list reveals and celebrates the top 100 innovators, developers, financiers and activists working to effect change

The Australian has published its inaugural edition of The List: 100 Green Power Players – both as a large format magazine and online.

The list reveals and celebrates the top 100 innovators, developers, financiers and activists, often working behind the scenes to effect change.

It also provides a snapshot of the movers, shakers and important figures shaping policy and influencing the big investment decisions that will be made this decade across green energy.

Christopher Dore, The Australian’s editor-in-chief, said: “The Australian is committed to delivering our readers the highest quality reporting and analysis of the issues shaping our world.

“Perry and the rest of the team have done an outstanding job on the inaugural Green Power Players List; shining alight on the power brokers across business, energy and policy who are shaping the nations new green economy.”

The list was curated and edited by senior business writer Perry Williams and draws on the knowledge and expertise of the publication’s specialist journalists.

He said: “Australia is ideally positioned to be a renewables superpower, much in the same way it dominates exports of coal and liquefied natural gas.

“We hope that our Green Power Players List provides inspiration, sparks debate and helps encourage the next generation to step up. The green revolution is here – and as our special magazine highlights, there is an impressive depth of talent driving the change.

“I’ve spent a decade covering green energy and climate in Australia, to me there is no question the nation is now on the cusp of a new era. After years of policy confusion out of Canberra, there is now a clear convergence among our mainstream parties on the direction Australia should take to reach net-zero by 2050,” he added.

The Australian selected a high-powered advisory panel of the country’s leading scientists, government advisers, economists and lawyers to also help unearth the top candidates for inclusion to the Green Power Players list.

This was led by Alan Finkel AC, special adviser to the Australian government on low emissions technology, and included Zoe Whitton, partner, Pollination; Adrian King, partner in charge, climate change & sustainability, KPMG Australia; Tony Wood AO, energy and Climate change director, Grattan Institute; Sarah McNamara, chief executive, Australian Energy Council; Simone Rennie, partner, Rennie Partners; Simon Currie, Energy Estate Founder and clean energy/hydrogen expert; Justine Jarvinen, chief executive officer, UNSW Energy Institute; Tony Chappel, EGM Corporate Affairs, Legal, Risk & Governance, Australian Energy Market Operator; and Andrew Smith, National Australian Bank executive.

Williams said: “Hour-long debates and disagreements saw The List at one stage top 300 individuals.Whittling it down underscored the depth of talent and knowledge that propels Australia’s green ambitions every day, from university experiments through to recycling, oceans, batteries and building the world’s biggest solar farm.”

The List: 100 Green Power Players 2022 include the following categories with some of the keys players from a few categories below:

• Agriculture – Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, Sea Forest and Farmers for Climate Action

• Carbon – Greencollar, Climate Friendly and the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

• Finance – Mike Cannon Brookes’ Grok Ventures, Energy Lab and Brighte

• Hydrogen – Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Future Industries, Intercontinental Energy and Trafigura

• Impact – Simon Holmes à Court’s Climate 200, ClimateWorks, Greenpeace and Blue Ocean Consulting

• Innovation – Rewiring Australia, CSIRO, UNSW and ANU

• Politics and Policy – Angus Taylor, Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction, the Australia Institute and the Clean Energy Regulator

• Renewable Energy – Macquarie Group, Powering Australian Renewables and Snowy Hydro

• Super – Australian Super, Aware Super and Hesta

• Technology – Sundrive, Reposit Power and Jolt

• Trailblazers – Don Henry AM, environmental policy leader, Bob Brown, environmentalist and former politician and UNSW scientist Martin Green AM

The issue also includes the top ten Australian names to know in sustainable food and wine, the most sustainable commercial spaces; and offers tips on how businesses and consumers can take concrete steps towards more sustainable daily choices to reduce carbon footprints.The Australian

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