The Ads That Made Us: Cadbury Gorilla, Cottee’s Cordial, Banana Boat

Shelley Friesen, Lauren Leisk, Blair Ellis

This Week: Shelley Friesen, Lauren Leisk, and Blair Ellis

Whether it’s a childhood jingle that you can still sing word for word, or a campaign that influences the way you work today, everyone has an ad that has really stuck with them.

Mediaweek has been asking the industry to take a trip down memory lane, to find out all about the ads that made us.

Shelley Friesen – Founder and Director, Melbourne Social Co

The Cadbury Gorilla

“This was such an iconic ad! At the time, it was so different to anything we’d seen before, and to be honest, it was a little strange! The appeal was in the shock factor of a gorilla playing drums (why?) paired with a classic tune, coupled with an iconic colour – the Cadbury purple.

We all talked about it, we wondered how on earth the advertising agency came up with such a random concept, and that was the point – it got us thinking and stayed with us.”

Lauren Leisk – Head of Affiliate Partnerships, Are Media

Cottee’s Cordial – My Dad Picks the Fruit, 1988

“The ad that first sprang to mind – the one that has stuck with me for longer than the sticky rings in the door shelf of my parents’ fridge – includes a jingle that all Australian kids chanted from the late 1980’s well into the next decade. It’s the Cottee’s Cordial 1988 TVC My Dad Picks the Fruit. An ad that truly stands the test of time so much so that I can recite it, word-for-word, decades later: My dad picks the fruit, that goes to Cottee’s, to make the cordial, that I like best.

“Perhaps, some of the ad’s longevity comes from the fact that, as kids, we can’t help but take a jingle and make it our own, often with childish word replacements that were low in sense and high in humour. Many of the people from my generation would likely remember this somewhat more immature version of the ad: My dad picks his nose, and grinds the snotties, to make the cordial, that you like best. Charming… But effective. I sang this to my kids recently and they thought it was hilarious. It’s nice to know that some things never change, like the comedic value children place on bodily functions. Thank you, Cottee’s.”

Blair Ellis – Account Director, Hopeful Monsters

Banana Boat, 2003

“For the last two decades, I’ve never been able to stop myself from having a little jive anytime I hear or speak about this iconic ad from the arguable ‘Golden Era’ of TVCs.

“Dare I say it’s a masterstroke and every marketer’s dream creative. Multiple brand name mentions, including the first words of the spot. Key product USP’s throughout. Mind-numbingly simple and catchy. Flexible for any format.

“I can safely say it made enough of an impact on 8-year-old me to never have bought another brand of sunscreen.

“P.S. Good luck getting this out of your head for the next hour…”

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Top Image: Shelley Friesen, Lauren Leisk, Blair Ellis

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