Taboola puts the spotlight on large advertisers with Taboola Select


Taboola Select will offer inventory that is highly visible, brand-safe, and surrounded solely by trusted editorial content.

Taboola has revealed Taboola Select, a new offering created exclusively for large advertisers that provides access to a curated selection of its premium editorial partnerships.

For the first time, Taboola is offering advertisers a way to leverage a curated subset of 15% of its most premium publishers to drive performance campaigns. 

Taboola Select will offer advertisers a way to connect with millions of daily active users on premium destinations including Yahoo, Business Insider, The Associated Press, and 7NEWS, in inventory that is highly visible, brand-safe, and surrounded solely by trusted editorial content.

Taboola Select allows advertisers to tap into standalone placements on nearly every part of publisher sites, including homepages, mid-article sections, and a new position called Featured Placements.

Taboola stated that brands that choose Taboola Select can harness the power of CPC buying and leverage its advanced AI, including its Maximize Conversions bidding technology, which it said consistently reduces CPAs by 15% on average. 

Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola, said: “Taboola is giving advertisers the inventory they need, on the most trusted publishers in the world, to reach consumers.

“Reliable and effective performance advertising has always been crucial, as these types of campaigns continue to help brands stay resilient and drive results regardless of industry headwinds.

“Taboola Select is one of the industry’s most unique packages for large advertisers to tap into, to run performance campaigns to reach consumers at scale. We’re combining brand-safe environments via our direct relationships with the world’s most premium publishers, with prominent ad placements that brands simply can’t get anywhere else.”

Taboola’s Maximize Conversions allows advertisers to specify a budget and have Taboola’s algorithm automate the CPC bid to drive as many conversions as possible while staying within budget.

The platform claimed the AI advertising-focused bidding technology has experienced almost double growth since launching at the end of 2023.

Maximize Conversions has been adopted by 50% of Taboola advertisers, including Hyundai, ERGO, Leica Camera, Sonova, Peugeot Turkey, and Opel Turkey, with some advertisers claiming to see a 110% increase in conversions, according to the platform.

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