Sydney Radio Ratings 2020: Survey 7

Sydney Radio Ratings

• GfK Survey 7: Sunday August 23 to Saturday October 24

• 2GB maintains lead but breakfast and evenings trend down
• smoothfm maintains #1 FM position as Bogart & Glenn surge
• KIIS 1065 #1 FM breakfast with Kyle and Jackie untouchable

Biggest Movers

UP: smoothfm 95.3 +0.9
Down: Nova 96.9/2GB -0.5

2GB 13.7% (14.2%)

Cume 647,000 (-49,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 14.8% (12.1%)
Best breakfast 17.6% (14.7%)

2GB had a strong performance in the first post-Alan Jones survey in September. In its second survey, the station has lost a little ground after being down 0.5%. In regards to its major shows, Ben Fordham‘s breakfast show is down 1.2% after having a dream result in the last survey. Fellow newcomers Deb Knight (10.3%) in the afternoon and Jim Wilson (8.4%) are slightly down as well. Ray Hadley who was down 2.0% in the last survey clawed back some of his Morning share by going up to 17.2%. Fordham remains #1 at breakfast while Hadley remains a clear leader in the mornings, and Knight finished second and Wilson third overall in their respective timeslots. Reversing some of the results from the last survey, listening among younger listeners under 30 is down, while the 65+ demo regained some of the audience it lost. 

smoothfm 10.8% (9.9%)

Cume 1,084,000 (+42,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 10.0% (9.1%)
Best breakfast 8.5% (5.9%)

For the third consecutive survey, smoothfm is the clear FM leader, pushing past the 10% mark to 10.8%. The breakfast show with Bogart Torelli and Glenn Daniel is now the #2 FM breakfast show after overtaking WSFM. smoothfm is also still #1 FM in morning, afternoon, drive and the evening slots as it continues to dominate after breakfast. Younger listening has dropped off slightly after it surged in the last survey.

KIIS 1065 8.7% (8.2%)

Cume 1,048,000 (+63,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 9.3% (7.7%)
Best breakfast 11.8% (10.1%)

Kyle and Jackie O continue to be the bedrock of KIIS’s ratings after steering the station to another FM breakfast show survey win. KIIS breakfast is continuing to get good support in the drive slot with Will and Woody still the clear #2 FM behind smoothfm. The station saw a boost in the 18-24 and the 25-39 demos.

WSFM 8.1% (8.4%)

Cume 789,000 (-17,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 8.8% (7.5%)
Best breakfast 8.8% (7.9%)

Jonesy and Amanda have slipped (not by much!) to the #3 FM breakfast show in Sydney, the station’s best-performing dayparts are the mornings (8.4%) and afternoons (8.7%) which also saw a decline. After a slip in the last survey, WSFM’s drive show has remained steady with an incremental increase. 40-54 continues to be the golden demo for the station where it again ranks #1.

Nova 96.9 6.1% (6.6%)

Cume: 933,000 (-88,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 7.6% (6.5%)
Best breakfast 7.8% (6.4%)

After having the show’s biggest breakfast decline in five years in the last survey, Fitzy and Wippa have held firm. KateTim and Joel have had more time to settle in with audiences and this resulted in a drop of 1.3% after hardly moving in the last survey. Station key demos under 40 saw a decline across the board.

104.9 Triple M 5.4% (4.7%)

Cume 511,000 (-23,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 6.4% (4.6%)
Best breakfast 6.9% (4.7%)

Moonman in the Morning saw a slight uptick of 0.5% after registering close to a five year low in the last survey. The morning and afternoon dayparts saw the biggest bounce back with both up over 1.5%. Drive with Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy has also held steady, up almost 0.5%. The best performing demo for the station was 55-64 which doubled from 4.7% to 9.4%.

104.1 2Day FM 3.4 (3.3%)

Cume 661,000 (+23,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10% 6.0% (3.9%)
Best breakfast 4.5% (2.4%)

This station has not been able to claw back much of the share that it lost in the last survey with the Covid-19 period continuing to be a rough time for 2Day FM. The breakfast show has had a fairly good result though, with the music only format seeing a one point increase. The station also saw an improvement in 18-24 which was up one point.

2CH 1170 5.0% (4.8%)

Cume 270,000 (39,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 4.5% (3.4%)
Best breakfast 4.1% (2.1%)

The third successive rise for 2CH which has now swapped to DAB+ and streaming since October 22. The station has only had one better result in the past five years – 5.5% in survey 7, 2017. Breakfast held steady at 4.2% while the afternoon had become the best performing daypart. The station saw an increase in 55-64 and 65+ and will hope that it’s listeners follow them to its new home. A nice farwell survey for the recently departed station boss Cherie Romaro.

Sky Sports Radio 0.6% (0.5%)

Cume: 95,000 (-17000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 0.9% (0.4%)
Best breakfast 1.6% (0.3%)

Breakfast with Michael Clark and Laurie Daley is now up to one point after it doubled in the last survey, coming a long way from the 0.4% share earlier this year. Most other dayparts remained steady or had a small uptick.

2UE 954 0.7% (0.6%)

Cume: 110,000 (+32,000)
2019 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 1.1% (0.5%)
Best breakfast 1.6% (0.6%)

The third survey for the AM music brand has seen it have a small overall increase. Breakfast with Steve Jacobs sits on 0.4% with afternoons and evenings sitting just below 1%.

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