Survivor winner Feras Basal reveals what he will spend $500k prize money on


“I love that I can entertain people and that people are entertained by me.”

Upon emerging victorious as the sole survivor on Australian Survivor, fan-favourite Feras Basal has revealed what he will be spending his $500,000 prize on.

Along with the bragging rights of becoming 2024’s Sole Survivor, the HR manager from Western Sydney said that he’ll be frugal with his winnings, but has one splurge in mind. 

“I’m not one to splurge at all; I will probably still have my Kmart clothes. The only thing I will splurge on is to go on a bit of a holiday for a bit,” he said.

“Other than that, the rest of the money is literally going to invest in our future. I know it’s the boring answer, but these days, chips are eight dollars.”

Feras winner australian survivor

In a post-win interview with Chattr, Feras revealed that although they filmed the finale months ago, he didn’t find out that he’d won until the episode aired, which he watched with fellow contestants Raymond, Kirby, Aileen, Rianna, Garrick, Viola, Frankie, Nathan, Jaden, Winna, Kelly and Sarah.

“I found out last night, so you can imagine how on the edge I’ve been for the past couple of months,” he revealed.

Prior to appearing on Australian Survivor, Feras had over 70,000 followers on his TikTok account, where he’d regularly post short comedy videos.

Feras revealed that he doesn’t want Survivor to be the last time he is seen on TV.

“I’ve always said this my whole life, I’ve always wanted to make a career out of entertainment,” he said. “Whether it be a TV show or reality show. I love that I can entertain people and that people are entertained by me.

“So whatever chance or opportunity I get to be on something else, I’m 100% going to take it and grab it.”

The grand finale of Australia Survivor recorded a total TV national reach of 1,201,000, a total TV national audience of 706,000, and a BVOD audience of 90,000.

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