Summer TV Ratings, November 28, 2021: Nine builds winning audience with Lego Masters special

lego masters

• Summer TV starts a few days early

Total TV ratings November 21

The Lego Masters Brickmas special was a hit with audiences after registering an audience of 1.318m, an increase of 17% on its overnight ratings. This made it the top show entertainment program in the total TV ratings. The special holiday-themed episodes featured Scott Cam, Sophie Monk, Brooke Boney and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli alongside host Hamish Blake

Adele One Night Only was a close second with 1.293m viewers, an increase of 17%. The special saw a special performance by Adele as well as the pop superstar’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

On the ABC, Total Control‘s second season episode was the biggest riser of the night up 51% for a final audience of 804,000.

Overnight TV ratings November 28

Sunday marked the first night of television since the TV ratings survey ended, and Nine kicked things off with a comfortable win thanks to a primary channel share of 24.8% and a network share of 32.9%. This win was partially thanks to the second episode of The Lego Masters Brickmas special which was the top entertainment program of the night with 761,000 viewers. This was followed by 60 Minutes with 577,000.

Seven‘s top entertainment program was Border Security with 630,000 viewers before a repeat of Homicide: With Ron Iddles centred on Wayne Amey had 426,000 viewers.

On 10, the Sunday Project had 217,000 (6:30pm) and 334,000 (7:00pm) viewers as the show discussed the new Covid variant. The Graham Norton Show then had 278,000, and featured Will Smith, Richard Osman, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Chris and Rosie Ramsey, and Yola.

The ABC hasn’t altered its primetime schedule despite the TV ratings survey ending. Death in Paradise brought in 423,000 viewers before Total Control continued its second season with 343,000.

The top program on SBS was DNA Family Secrets with 167,000 tuning in.

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