Subway becomes first major food brand to join AiMCO

Rodica Titeica - Subway

Subway has used influencers as part of its overall marketing strategy for several years.

Subway has become the newest member of the Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) and the first major food brand to join the organisation.

The sandwich chain joins AiMCO’s 100-plus strong membership base, which includes several large consumer brands.

Subway has used influencers as part of its overall marketing strategy for several years, working with health and foodie creators like @thefoodinbox, @bechardgrave and @scarlactive to promote its products.

Rodica Titeica, Subway Australia and New Zealand director of marketing, said: “Influencer marketing adds another level of authenticity that isn’t as easily conveyed in conventional advertising. It’s a powerful way to make brand messaging more relevant, segmented and niche to groups of like-minded audiences.

“This is of course only successful when like-minded content creators are engaged and then create content in line with their own personal brand and values. For Subway, we’re proud to have built a strong and loyal influencer network that we regularly engage with because we know they also enjoy working with the brand and genuinely love our products.

“Having run some of Australia’s largest influencer campaigns over the last couple of years, it’s important that as a brand we’re employing best practice in influencer marketing and support our content creators in this too. As such, we’re proud to be officially joining the AiMCO network.”

Patrick Whitnall, AiMCO managing director, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Subway as a member of AiMCO. As influencer marketing grows in this region as a successful marketing channel, brands such as Subway understand the importance of having both a best practice influencer marketing industry and a supported and nurtured creator community.

“AiMCO’s mission and work has great momentum, and we look forward to continuing to build a stronger, trusted influencer marketing landscape. Our Accreditation program, Code of Practice and Ad Disclosure Guide are just some of the initiatives and resources that have made a positive difference to our industry.”

AiMCO recently announced its 2024 Guiding Council, which includes representatives from Tourism Australia, Wavemaker, Hello Social, Social Law Co, among others.

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Top image: Rodica Titeica

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