Streem Social launches new performance metrics

Streem Social Engage

The new metrics enable realtime tracking of social media content performance

Streem has announced the launch of a raft of new performance metrics within the Engage tool of its social intelligence platform Streem Social.

The new metrics, designed to help teams better measure and visualise the audience for their social content, enable communications professionals to track the realtime performance of their social media content, and produce instantly shareable reports for stakeholders.

The new performance and reporting metrics are the latest enhancement to Streem Social.

Since launching in the middle of 2021, Streem Social has come to encompass listening, analytics and engagement tools to create a one-stop social and media intelligence platform designed specifically for communications teams.

Lauren Jefferies, insights and social lead at the realtime media monitoring company, said that the added performance metrics mean teams can listen across millions of sources, analyse swathes of social data, connect owned social accounts and visualise and report on the performance on their posted social content from a single platform.

“By adding more comprehensive performance metrics, comms teams can now better measure the performance of their social presence and report this instantly from a single platform.

“Customer uptake of Streem Social has been strong, and the addition of deeper Engagement tools for performance and audience measurement give comms teams a unified listening, analysis and engagement offering,” Jefferies added.

Continual enhancements to Streem Social’s two other integrated tools, Listen (social listening) and Analyse (social analytics) make Streem Social a compelling, one-stop shop for social intelligence for organisations of all sizes.

The new performance and reporting capability is live within Streem Social’s Engage tool from today.

This follows realtime media monitoring company’s release of Launchpad, a reshaping of the traditional media monitoring Dashboard in August.

Launchpad brings new metrics, the ability to get to content faster, and one-click access to the actions communications professionals need most, right to the start of each user’s experience.

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