Streem offers new level of power to users with Launchpad


• Launchpad is the result of deep consideration of what media teams need most

Streem, the real-time media monitoring provider, has released Launchpad, a reshaping of the traditional media monitoring Dashboard.

Launchpad brings new metrics, the ability to get to content faster, and one-click access to the actions communications professionals need most, right to the start of each Streem user’s experience.

Designed with the customer at the centre, Launchpad is the result of deep consideration of what communications professionals and media teams need most, along with close engagement with Streem’s customers.

Elgar Welch, CEO of Streem, said: “Time is of the essence in media and Launchpad prioritises key coverage and actions from a single location in Streem.

“We want our customers to be able to see what’s important to their organisation, track their sector’s changes in the media with new metrics, and respond using tools launched directly off the first page they use,” he added.

Included in Launchpad are a suite of new features, such as:

• The ability to see the most important news to a customer, and quickly cycle between an entire brief of content from a single page in Streem.
• Action buttons that surface the most-frequently used Streem features for a given user, allowing instant access to common tasks and faster response times for media teams.
• New analytics to track the ups and downs of a customer and their competitor or industry’s media coverage.
• High-level platform usage data, giving media teams better insight into how an organisation is engaging with Streem and media coverage in general.

Launchpad is available to all Streem users now as part of their service.

This comes after Streem recently released the State of Australian Media Report for August 2022 that explores 10 key media industry trends from 2022 so far.

The report explores issues such as the impact of the new federal government on the media industry, slowing growth in advertising spend, potential industry consolidation and more, the Report is a must-read for communications and corporate affairs professionals in Australia.

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