Storipress attracts $500,000 investment as it reinvents how digital media is created


• The startup is reinventing how digital media is created without code

Storipress has raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding from Startmate, Boson Ventures, and Tim Duggan, co-founder of Junkee Media.

The new startup aims to help any company become a media company and is reinventing how easily digital media is created by giving aspiring publishers the tools they need out of the box, without code.

With aspirations to be the world’s most beautifully simple publishing platform, the interface has a unique workflow management system, intuitive site builder and payment rails built-in. It has been designed with scalability in mind, being able to serve millions of requests per day with sub-second load times.

Alex Pan, co-founder and CEO of Storipress, said: “Today, every company is a media company, but starting a media company is unreasonably hard. So, it’s time we lowered the bar to start a media business. Thanks to the steps taken by our predecessors, we can now build platforms designed for the publisher, not the coder.

“Unlike traditional publishing platforms that fail to make newsroom collaboration and monetisation seamless, Storipress works like a 21st-century e-commerce platform (or what Storipress cheekily calls ‘read-commerce’). It’s where the next generation of media startups start life, but with the added benefit of scaling to hundred-person writing teams.


Alex Pan, co-founder and CEO of Storipress

“Storipress benefits everyone involved in the publishing experience by meeting publisher needs first. When all publishers are empowered to succeed, the entire media ecosystem wins,” Pan added.

Tim Duggan, co-founder of Junkee Media and chairman of the Digital Publishers Alliance, is one of the pre-seed investors in Storipress. He said: “I’ve worked in digital media for a long time, and when I first met Alex and heard his big, clear-headed vision to make professional publishing accessible to everyone, I was intrigued.

“I’ve watched as he and the team have taken an impressive, publishing-first approach that is genuinely no code, adds innovative workflow management tools and is way more user-friendly than anything else on the market. This can really help anyone become a publishing powerhouse in just a few minutes, and I’m excited to see where it could go over the next few years,” he added.

Storipress’s pre-seed round also attracted investment from Boson Ventures, a leading Australian deep-tech VC, who joins Shearwater Capital as existing investors. Storipress was also just accepted into Startmate’s Winter 22 cohort.

Storipress aims to be a brave, global leader to give any business the tools to be a world-class publisher in minutes to help move the conversation around you.


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