Social Soup launches AI powered barcode scanning to bridge gap between influencers and content

Sharyn Smith, Social Soup

“When people see, hear, touch or feel something first-hand, they are far more likely  to buy it and advocate for it.”

Australia and New Zealand-based influencer marketing agency Social Soup, has launched an AI-powered verification and barcode scanning tool to bridge the gap between influencer content and in-store product trials and purchases.

bridging the gap between digital communication and physical engagement for influencers and social creators.

The proprietary influencer authenticity technology, Scan & Collect, was developed in-house to streamline and authenticate social campaign activities. Brands such as Simply Chips, Ovaltine Sleep, and Dolce & Gabbana have already trialed the technology. 

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The tool works by enabling consumers at designated in-store locations to use Scan & Collect to verify products, unlock payments and vouchers and create a widespread network of individuals with authentic product experiences.

The reported success of campaigns leveraging Scan & Collect has earned Social Soup recognition, securing its place as a finalist in the recently revealed AiMCO Influencer Marketing Awards for ROI and best use of data.

Sharyn Smith, founder and director of Social Soup, highlighted the technology’s transformative impact on operations and campaign outcomes.

Smith said, “It really is a game changer for our business and for our client’s campaign outcomes.” 

“When people see, hear, touch or feel something first-hand, they are far more likely  to buy it and advocate for it. Scan & Collect makes it easier to not only get products and product trial in the hands of influencers and consumers, but to authentically  track, communicate and report on these transactions.”

Highlighting the foundational elements of the ‘state-of-the-art’ technology, Smith underscored how AI-powered verification and advanced barcode scanning work together to facilitate authentic in-store trials.

Coupled with our cutting-edge fraud detection technology, we deliver  dependable, real-time scan rates and KPIs. This innovative blend of technology, strategy, and authenticity is what makes Scan & Collect such an innovation in influencer marketing.”

Top Image: Sharyn Smith

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