Social Soup details results from its Simply Chips influencer campaign

Sharyn Smith, Social Soup

Influencers contributed to a 38% increase in overall brand awareness, generating over 130 social media assets.

Australia and New Zealand influencer marketing agency, Social Soup, has reported a 10 times return on investment for Simply Chips, a healthy snack brand, during a nine-month campaign. Employing Social Soup’s network of influencers and samplers, the campaign lists significant outcomes.

Harnessing Social Soup’s community of product samplers, referred to as “Soupers,” the Simply Chips initiative resulted in close to 56,000 in-store trials, 4,350 networking occasions, and 600 reviews. Additionally, 80 micro-influencers generated and shared content spotlighting Simply Chips in entertaining occasions, driving heightened brand awareness.

Simply Chips, made of real Australian ingredients and boasting a four-health star rating, are a new, no nonsense snack, made with high-quality ingredients and all flavours.

Over the nine-month trial period, Social Soup’s network displayed noteworthy customer return rates. In-store shoppers revisited 5.3 times, making an average purchase of 1.8 units.

Impressively, 83% of Soupers who trialed the product and shared it at social events returned 5.4 times, purchasing an average of two units. These Soupers also discussed or shared Simply Chips with an average of 8.6 friends, and 70% of those friends bought an average of 3.6 units during the nine months.

Collaborating closely with the Social Soup team, influencers contributed to a 38% increase in overall brand awareness, generating over 130 social media assets showcasing diverse entertaining scenarios featuring Simply Chips.

Sharyn Smith, founder and director of Social Soup, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration with Simply Chips, saying, “This campaign saw the use of our unique Scan & Collect technology that assists consumers on the path to purchase in store and with real-time trial, making it easy and simple for our Soupers to access Simply Chips and share it with friends and family.”

The Scan & Collect app, a proprietary technology of Social Soup, aids users in trial facilitation and in-store product purchases while simultaneously tracking proof of purchase for streamlined campaigns.

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Top Image: Sharyn Smith

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