So Dramatic! host busts MAFS bride for harassing and abusive phone calls

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• Megan Pustetto busted MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic for making nasty racist phone calls

So Dramatic! podcast host, Megan Pustetto, has busted MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic for making abusive and harassing phone calls to her and her MAFS co-stars.

Domenica Calarco, Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello, Djordjevic’s former TV husband, copped an earful from the bride who was on a girls’ night out in Melbourne – with MAFS brides Carolina Santos, Jessica Seracino, and Kate Laidlaw – and called them from a private number over the weekend, as confirmed on the podcast.

Calarco told to the podcast that she received a call from a private number on Saturday evening with Tamara on the other end and said: “She (Tamara) literally screamed at me calling me a c*nt,” in addition to further nasty comments about her appearance. 

Calarco continued: “She then said to me, ‘have you got your f*cking teeth fixed yet?'” before laughing it off and hanging up.

Fellow bride Ding also had a similar experience with a private number on Saturday, however the phone call was with bride Santos, who was also out with Djordjevic.  

When asked the reason for the call, she explained that Santos attempted to get a reaction out of her about Djordjevic’s racy advances on her former TV husband Mitch Eynaud. To which Ding said that she did not care for them.

Meanwhile, Djordjevic’s former TV husband Vitiello also received calls earlier in the week from someone pretending to be her before an onslaught of calls from a private number on Saturday night, around the time Calarco and Ding were called.

Vitiello told So Dramatic! that he did not answer the calls.


Tamara Djordjevic

So Dramatic! host Pustetto shared that she also copped eight missed calls and two voicemails from the private number that night and was called derogatory names and ethnic slurs including “salami c*nt” – a reference to her Italian heritage – by Djordjevic.

Pustetto played the audio from the second voicemail, in which Djordjevic screeched: “Megan how do you sleep at night, honestly? Living like a troll on social media at other people’s lives. I honestly do not understand.”

“You must be sad. Very sad. You are the biggest loser honestly,” Djordjevic continued along with her co-stars laughing in the background.

Pustetto said in response: “I am honestly dumbfounded by this. Shook my core, firstly by the content provided by this screeching drunk menace, which I will get to it a second, but secondly by the mere fact that Tamara would even send a voicemail like this, and send the voicemail like this to me.

“Who in their right mind would send an abusive voicemail like this to anyone, let alone a gossip journalist with a god damn podcast to and zero fucks to give where it can be recorded. Is she seriously asking to be cancelled? Does she enjoy looking like a horrible person? Seems like it,” she said.

“Not only has she given me the receipts of a lifetime receives of herself being a racist, nasty, abusive person but she’s also just confirmed everything that I’ve reported on her about being a horrible nasty abusive person the entire time throughout MAFS to be true.”

Top image: Megan Pustetto

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