Sky News to air continuous coverage of Western Australian election

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• The panel will be live from the Sky News Political Centre in Canberra

Sky News Australia will be live as the polls close on the West Australian election this Saturday, March 13, bringing viewers continuous coverage until a leader is called.

The panel will be live from the Sky News Political Centre in Canberra from 5:30pm WST/8:30pm AEDT led by chief news anchor Kieran Gilbert and political editor Andrew Clennell, featuring assistant minister to the Prime Minister and former WA Liberal state director, Ben Morton and WA Labor MP, Anne Aly.

Live and on the ground from the varying WA party headquarters political reporter Ashleigh Gillon will share the latest developments from Labor HQ, alongside reporters Emily Evans at the Liberal HQ and Jonathan Lea at the Nationals HQ.

Political commentator Graham Richardson, Labor MP’s Josh Wilson and Madeleine King, former Howard government minister Ian Campbell and The Australian’s senior perth reporter Paul Garvey will also provide insights throughout the night.

At the Sky News Numbers Room, political presenter Tom Connell will also bring you the latest results with WA election data and instant reaction.

Sky News chief news anchor, Kieran Gilbert said: “With many expecting a historical Labor landslide for this election, the big questions will be whether McGowan’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been enough to secure Labor a rare double majority in both Houses, whether the Liberals will lose enough seats to be turfed out of the Opposition, and what would this mean federally for Scott Morrison ahead of the next election?

“Our leading political reporters and panel of experts will be here to answer all those questions live as every vote is counted.”

The website will also be updated on the 2021 WA Election as the day progresses.

Watch WA Election coverage live tomorrow from 5:30pm WST / 8:30pm AEDT, Sky News on Foxtel, channels 103 & 600

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