TV Guide: Sky News anchor Kieran Gilbert to moderate first Morrison v Albanese debate

Sky News

• The People’s Forum at 7pm AEST on Wednesday 20 April from Brisbane

Kieran Gilbert, Sky News chief news anchor, will moderate the critical first debate between prime minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Anthony Albanese

Sky News and The Courier-Mail will host The People’s Forum at 7pm AEST on Wednesday 20 April from Brisbane. Morrison and Albanese will come together to face questions from 100 undecided voters as chosen by Q&A Market Research.

Gilbert said: “The Sky News/ The Courier-Mail People’s Forum is the best format for leaders’ debates because it brings the views of undecided voters directly to our nation’s leaders. It’s unscripted, unpredictable and an important opportunity for our leaders to be held to account by those who count, the voters.”

Chris Jones, editor of The Courier-Mail said People’s Forums were always unmissable because they provided the most memorable moments of any campaign.

“These are events where the stage-managed appearances and spin are not allowed in the room – and instead real people get to ask the leaders real questions, just as democracy should be,” he said. 

“The leaders never know what to expect, and so it’s the closest thing to an authentic experience you’ll get during this campaign.”

Paul Whittaker, Sky News chief executive officer said: “This is the first and most important leaders debate of the election campaign and comes as Australians seek to determine who has the best plan to lead our country against a backdrop of heightened geopolitical factors and as we continue to navigate out of the pandemic.

“This is a rare opportunity for 100 undecided voters to test both leaders on their policies and vision for the country.”

Coverage will begin from 2.00pm AEST with Afternoon Agenda.

Following is a special edition of Credlin with Peta Credlin live from the venue in Brisbane

Paul Murray will follow at 8:30pm AEST LIVE from the venue for post-forum analysis as they examine the leaders’ responses to the main issues and concerns raised by the people of Queensland and announce the results from the forum.

Top image: Kieran Gilbert

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