Shots fired as Abbie Chatfield takes her podcast to LiSTNR

Abbie Chatfield

• It’s A Lot will be produced by LiSTNR Head of Original Content, Sam Cavanagh

Abbie Chatfield has signed with SCA to bring her candid podcast, It’s A Lot to LiSTNR, after the show initially launched on Nova.

Chatfield describes herself as the “anti-influencer influencer” and uses her platforms to talk about subjects such as mental health, body image, sex, vaccination, and bullying. On It’s A Lot, Abbie and her guests tackle topics that are often considered taboo.

SCA Chief Content Officer, Dave Cameron, said: “Abbie is fast becoming one of this country’s fiercest and most important voices for a new generation of passionate audio fans, and her talent and star-power is rising sky-high. In addition to It’s A Lot continuing to be available on all platforms, Abbie will co-create an exclusive, new LiSTNR series with SCA in 2022 that will only be available on the LiSTNR platform”

It’s A Lot will be produced by LiSTNR Head of Original Content, Sam Cavanagh and will be available on LiSTNR from December 5.

Speaking to Mediaweek earlier this year, Chatfield said that the longer the podcast has gone on, the easier it’s been for her to let go.

“Making the podcast now is a much easier and natural process. When I first started making it I wanted to be perfect – I still obviously want it to be incredible, but I had a lot of pressure on myself to make every single aspect really perfect when the whole point of it was to be conversational. It’s a very important part of my life now, and it’s so much part of my routine. I love it so much for getting my thoughts and ideas out there, I’m very grateful for it.”

With live shows largely unable to go ahead because of lockdowns at the moment, Chatfield also said that she is looking ahead to the day when she can take It’s A Lot to the stage.

We definitely are going to do some live shows and tours. I actually was part of a podcast festival in July – which obviously didn’t end up happening. Definitely live shows, but that’s all for now. 

“It’s doing really well getting on interesting people, but I only get on people that I really want to have on, I don’t have guests on for the sake of it. So I guess we’ll see. It is hard to plan ahead at the moment, but I think the main thing is doing live shows.”

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Abbie will fulfil her existing commitments before starting with SCA from 5 December 2021.

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