Seven’s Restaurant Revolution comes to the people

FIRST FEED: Inside Seven’s Restaurant Revolution – Day One of the pop-up in Parramatta

Restaurant Revolution foodThe nationwide pop-up restaurants (built in shipping containers) soon to feature on Seven’s Restaurant Revolution opened yesterday, and Mediaweek made the trek out to Parramatta to visit 22-year-old Dom’s restaurant, Something Nice. There was a long line outside waiting to get a sneak peek into the Church Street establishment.

What we ate:

What didn’t we eat? Pulled pork was a favourite, as were the chickpeas. We also chowed down on mushrooms and beetroot, a broccoli salad, lamb ribs, salmon ceviche and some delicious polenta chips.
Dessert isn’t available at lunch, probably a good thing for us.

What we drank:

BYO wine, baby! Beer can also be brought to Somewhere Nice.

The service:

Pretty outstanding, considering it was day one. One of our servers was Dom’s Mum, who was doing a great job of keeping the crowds fed.

The decor:

Astroturf covers one wall of the shipping container, while another is taken up by a chalkboard wall that diners are encouraged to write their well wishes on… classy! The transparent blinds next to our table kept us entertained while we ate as passers-by kept trying to see inside!

The worst:

The restaurant has no bathroom, so guests have to walk across the square to use… city council public loos. We got a great serve of pulled pork, but diners arriving after us missed out – they ran out of that and polenta chips.

The best:

Delicious food at a reasonable price point, and the novelty of being filmed while you eat. Share plates at reasonable prices ($7-$20) during lunch let us try everything, and leave Something Nice feeling good without feeling like we’d consumed an entire suburb’s worth of food.


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