Seven renovates House Rules with High Stakes edition

• Jamie Durie goes from judge to Host alongside Abbey Gelmi

On House Rules in 2020, the stakes have never been higher with new judges, new hosts and “next level” surprises which push the teams harder than ever – and it all comes together 33 stories high.

Eight new teams will have to prove their worth in the toughest challenge in the show’s history – the transformation of a high-rise penthouse on the Gold Coast. With more to gain but even more to lose, teams will be desperate to succeed as they attempt to please two brand new judges who have their own sky-high expectations. Joining superstar judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen will be interior design entrepreneur Kylie Clarke and prolific Aussie home builder Saul Myers.

Meanwhile, new host and former House Rules judge Jamie Durie will be joined by acclaimed presenter and sports journalist Abbey Gelmi who’ll make sure contestants maintain a winning edge. House Rules: High Stakes is a game changer, but teams will still have to entrust the keys to their biggest asset, their own homes, to their competitors for mind- boggling transformations.

HOUSE RULES: HIGH STAKES is a Seven Studios production.

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