Seven Days: Felicity Harley – 7 September 2017

WHIMN editor Felicity Harley is the special guest on this episode of Seven Days

WHIMN editor Felicity Harley joins Mediaweek’s James Manning and Kruti Joshi in this episode of Seven Days.

The trio discuss:

• CBS one step closer to get its hands on Ten
•  Ten’s online catch-up and streaming service tenplay records its biggest month of video viewing in August
•  Mark Llewellyn’s Michael Hutchence final years doco
•  TV Week Logies in search of a new host city
•  The Australian and Newcastle Herald big winners at Newspaper Of The Year
•  News media CEOs called for a media reform and a curb to ABC/SBS activities
•  The Australian online advertising market delivers double digit growth in the 2016/17 fiscal year


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