Seven claims victory for Sunrise, saying it has an “unbeatable” lead in 2022


• So far, Sunrise has an average national daily audience of 397,000 viewers

The Seven Network is claiming victory with Sunrise, making the announcement that the show is the country’s #1 breakfast show in 2022 with an unbeatable lead over its rivals.

For the 19th year in a row, Seven says that Sunrise, hosted by David Koch and Natalie Barr, is #1 in its timeslot and has an unmatchable commercial share and audience lead in 2022. Sunrise has won every week this year, nationally and in the capital cities.

So far in the 2022 OzTAM survey year, Sunrise has an average national daily audience of 397,000 viewers, which Seven says is 31% bigger than its nearest competitor.

Seven Network director of morning television, Sarah Stinson, said: “We are proud that more than 1.01 million people start with Sunrise every morning across Australia, and we never take it for granted.

“As the world bounces back from the past few years, Australians continue to turn to Kochie, Nat and the team for breaking news, a sense of community and the light and laughs we all need to start the day feeling great and well informed.”

Across the capital cities, Seven says that Sunrise has a commercial share of 45.5%, 6.7 share points bigger than its closest rival, and a 52.8% share in regional audiences, 19.5 share points bigger. Sunrise is also #1 in its timeslot in people 25 to 54 nationally.

To date this year, Seven has claimed victory for Sunrise, saying that the show has won every week in the capital cities and every week nationally, including 25 weeks of the 40-week official ratings calendar. 

Each weekday, the show reaches 1.01 million Australians and has grown its BVOD audience on 7plus 30% year-on-year.

Even more Australians watch Sunrise on social media and online, with the breakfast show increasing the minutes viewed of its content in the past six months by 379% on its website, 204% on YouTube and 32% on Facebook.

The audience numbers so far this year are:


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