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“Partnering with Dailymotion Advertising in Australia allows our clients access to video ad experiences powered by AI.”

Dailymotion Advertising and Scroll Media are partnering to offer enhanced video advertising reach with high-intent audience insight personas. 

Dailymotion Advertising is Dailymotion’s video marketing platform based in France. It brings together over 5,000 professional content publishers using its video technology. 

The Dailymotion video player is an instream solution, compliant with MOAT and IAS, achieving 85% viewability with no UGC content. Dailymotion states that for advertisers, the partnership unlocks full-funnel video performance, providing deep consumer behaviour insights, high-impact video ad units, and cookieless data solutions. 

Vijay Kunduri, Dailymotion Advertising MD of APAC said: “We are delighted to partner with Scroll Media for video advertising sales representation in Australia, given the success of their Gameloft partnership, another Vivendi owned company.

“We are happy to provide brands in Australia with premium instream inventory at scale, along with our proprietary data solutions for media planning and measurement.”

Jane Ormsby, MD of Scroll Media said: “Partnering with Dailymotion Advertising in Australia, allows our clients access to video ad experiences powered by AI, on the Dailymotion video player that resonate with consumers and drives unparalleled campaign success.”

In May, Scroll Media hired Costa Panagos as digital sales manager to strengthen its Scroll Gaming capability.

Panagos brings his experience in gaming advertising and media sales to the digital publisher network. He joined after almost two years with Amazon as an account executive at Twitch, and three years in media sales at News Corp. He also recently completed a Twitch Gameplan certification.

“I am really impressed with the enormous reach of Scroll Media’s gaming network and our ability to reach gamers across all aspects of the gaming funnel from streaming, influencers, integration and gamification,” Panagos said.

Scroll Media Australia is headed up by Adam DeRoma, who sits on the IAB Australia Gaming Council. He said the company is committed to growing the share of in-game advertising revenue spend with continued education and global case studies.

“With our exclusive partnership of four years with Gameloft plus partnering with Player Media and more broadly iion, Scroll Media is able to showcase the best of the in-game advertising best practice and champion the growth of the category,” DeRoma said.

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Top image: Jane Ormsby, Managing Director, Scroll Media and Dr Vijay Kunduri, Managing Director APAC DailyMotion.

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