SCA takes minority investment position in US company Frequency


• Frequency will power dynamic creative optimisation on the LiSTNR digital audio platform

SCA has announced that it has taken a minority investment position in US company Frequency, which will power dynamic creative optimisation on the LiSTNR digital audio platform and SCA’s linear broadcast business. 

Frequency has been a pioneer in the audio industry, launching the first Creative Management Platform (CMP) specifically built for audio advertising.  The Frequency platform utilises data signals to create multiple personalised versions of audio ads in real-time, across live radio streaming, music, podcasts, and FM/DAB broadcast, providing advertisers with an opportunity to speak to their desired audience in a personalised manner across all platforms and devices. 

Frequency combines workflows and data to enable advertisers and SCA to streamline audio production, manage campaigns and customise ad products,  with  an analytics system to measure results. This investment will see LiSTNR and Frequency work together to create new data integrations and custom audio products.   

“The investment in Frequency is our third in the area of deep tech as we continue to develop the digital tech capability roadmap for LiSTNR and our digital audio first model. We have already taken stakes in Australian AI and machine learning companies SourseAI for content recommendations, and Sonnant for content discovery for the spoken word,” SCA CEO, Grant Blackley (pictured), said. 

“A key benefit of LiSTNR being developed in-house is our ability to create our own future. We are leading the market by investing in high performance, deep technology partnerships, providing them with scale and strategy, that can accelerate our roadmap. Frequency will now enable LiSTNR advertisers to plan and execute dynamic creative seamlessly.” 

Frequency CEO, Pete Jimison, said: “We’ve really enjoyed working with SCA and are thrilled to now be growing our partnership as we both push the industry forward and press the bounds of what the audio creative experience can be for listeners.  LiSTNR’s personalised content combined with Frequency’s personalised ads will make for an even more enjoyable end listener experience and provide a greater impact for advertisers.” 

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