SBS’s Alastair McKinnon goes to the ABC

ABC TV has appointed former SBS exec Alastair McKinnon as deputy head ABC TV Fiction

ABC TV has appointed Alastair McKinnon as deputy head ABC TV Fiction.

McKinnon is currently head of business affairs at SBS. He comes from an extensive background in the television industry, spanning networks, screen agencies, production companies and industry guilds.

McKinnon’s previous roles include strategic, policy and legal positions at Screen Australia, AusFilm, the Australian Writers Guild, the AFC and the ABC as well as production roles in the UK.

McKinnon said: “I am absolutely delighted to be joining ABC TV as the deputy head of fiction. The ABC’s Australian drama and comedy output is a benchmark for excellence in the screen industry and I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity of contributing to its ongoing legacy.”

McKinnon will commence his new role on July 15.

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