Samsung Ads global study researches how audiences rate ads on streamed TV 

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The study found that ads within FAST/AVOD environments are perceived as shorter and less disruptive

A new global study from Samsung Ads through Verve reveals that ads on ad-funded and free streaming TV (FAST) services are more likely to be watched compared to other services – a finding consistent across the UK, Germany, Australia, and India.

The global report, Understanding Advertising Engagement across different viewing platform types, has been launched by Samsung Ads, in partnership with research company Verve. The study compared key markets in Europe and APAC to garner a better understanding of what drives audiences to engage with advertising experiences across the TV landscape. Smart TV audiences in the UK, Germany, Australia and India were asked about their ad experiences across linear TV, FAST/AVOD, BVOD and SVOD. 

The study found that ads within FAST/AVOD environments are perceived by global audiences as shorter and therefore less disruptive, contributing to their greater likelihood of being watched. 

In Australia, for example, more respondents said linear ads were too long compared to ads on FAST/AVOD (52% vs 27%). German respondents also felt that linear ads were too long, with 74% stating this vs 59% who said the same about AVOD. In the UK and India, the difference was marginal amongst platforms, with BVOD scoring slightly less well than other platforms in the UK specifically.

Samsung Ads

The study also showed that FAST/AVOD ads consistently outperformed other platforms across multiple metrics valued by advertisers. Respondents considered them to be shorter and described them as being more exciting, enjoyable and relevant. 

Australians and Germans are significantly more likely to sit and watch FAST/AVOD ads in full, compared with other platforms; higher engagement is likely driven by their shorter length and relevant content.

When asked specifically about ad characteristics such as trustworthiness and enjoyment – FAST/AVOD scored the highest across all regions – challenging some of the existing perceptions advertisers might have around the perception of advertising within FAST and AVOD environments.

Samsung Ads: A spotlight on Australia

Over half (54%) of Australians engage with ads in FAST/AVOD settings, indicating an appreciation for the value exchange in viewing ads in exchange for free content. This is a higher rate of engagement than Brits and Germans (48% and 38% respectively). Contrastingly, on BVOD and linear an average of 37% of audiences engage with ads. SVOD audiences generate a similar rate of engagement, particularly as ad tiers are being introduced to these platforms.  

The most important factor in driving Australian audiences to watch ads is if content is accessible for free. Of those surveyed, 61% of respondents stated they were happy to watch ads if this was the case. The relevancy of ads also proved important to Australians as over half (51%) would be happy to watch an ad that was relevant to them. 

Alex Spurzem, general manager Samsung Ads Australia, said of the report: “The Australian audience is demonstrating a significant recognition of the value exchange they receive through viewing ads in an AVOD setting. It’s particularly encouraging to see the levels of engagement at a higher rate than key European markets. Delivering relevant and shorter ads is key to improving the ad experience and increasing levels of engagement.”

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