Roundup: Bruce Lehrmann to pay legal costs, Hubbl’s ‘Credential Stuffing’ incident, Dan Schneider sues

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Bruce Lehrmann given extension to appeal but will be forced to pay

Federal Court judge Michael Lee says he will force Bruce Lehrmann to pay some of Network Ten’s millions of dollars in legal costs after the former Liberal staffer’s disastrous defamation defeat – but has granted him extra time to lodge an appeal, reports Nine Publishing’s Sam Buckingham-Jones.

In a Sydney courtroom on Wednesday afternoon, Justice Lee heard Lehrmann had appointed a new barrister, Guy Reynolds, SC, to review the judgment with a view of formulating a possible appeal. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days, and barrister David Helvadjian, representing Mr Lehrmann, asked for an extension to May 31, which Justice Lee granted.

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Hubbl users suffer ‘Credential Stuffing’ incident, but what is that?

Overnight, some Hubbl users began flagging an email from the Foxtel-owned streaming box company indicating their accounts had been compromised, reports Gizmodo’s Zachariah Kelly.

It turns out that some Hubbl owners have been subject to a ‘credential stuffing’ incident, and while it’s not as dramatic as a data breach or cyber attack, it’s a good reminder that you should never use the same usernames and passwords over and over again for different services.

While Hubbl’s systems were not compromised, credential stuffing is still very much a security incident, which is why some users were sent emails.

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China’s TikTok makes useful idiots of us all

So, here’s a fact: someone you know is addicted to TikTok. Could be your child (maybe), your grandchild (likely), or, god forbid, a co-worker, reports Nine Publishing’s Mark Di Stefano.

Because not only are more than 8.5 million Australians using the video app every month, but the average time someone spends doomscrolling is more than 90 minutes every day.

Is it a waste of their time? That’s a matter of taste. But the most pressing issue for TikTok in Australia is that, like its US counterpart, it’s controlled by a company itself that is a subsidiary of China’s ByteDance.

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Promised refunds for Bonza customers not possible, says airline’s administrator.

Administrators of budget carrier Bonza have delivered a blow to customers promised refunds for cancelled flights, after examining the finances of the grounded airline, reports The Australian’s Robyn Ironside.

Hall Chadwick was appointed administrator on Tuesday, after Bonza’s small fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8s were repossessed by leasing company AIP Capital.

In a statement issued late Wednesday, Hall Chadwick said there had been “open dialogue” with the lessor.

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Andy Lee drops big personal news on-air

Comedian Andy Lee dropped some big personal news on today’s episode of Hamish & Andy: He’s engaged to his long-time partner, Bec Harding, reports News Corp’s Nick Bond.

Harding joined the comedy duo on the latest episode of their podcast, available on LiSTNR, to share all the details on how he proposed to her after almost 10 years together.

“I asked Bec to marry me on Sunday,” Lee announced six minutes into the podcast, playing it cool by dropping the news after some other, less interesting life updates.

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Jim Jefferies hits back at Marty Sheargold after radio star’s rant

Comedian Jim Jefferies has fired back at a Triple M radio presenter who called him a “deadsh*t” on the radio earlier in the week, reports News Corp’s Andrew Bucklow.

Marty Sheargold, who hosts the Triple M breakfast show in Melbourne, was less than impressed when Jefferies failed to rock up for a prearranged interview on Monday morning.

“If I knew who Marty Sheargold was, I’d be really upset by this whole incident,” Jefferies joked.

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Tom Gleeson Logie win: “One of the greatest gags that’s ever been created”

As TV pranks go, Tom Gleeson’s 2019 Logie win will go down as one of the most controversial of them all. His impromptu speech polarised the industry room, and his Hard Quiz campaign to win was seen by many as mocking the annual award, reports TV Tonight.

Virginia Trioli, who talks seriously to the funnyman about his craft for her series Creative Types, is a fan.

“I think he’s the author of one of the greatest gags that’s ever been created here in this country, and that’s his Gold Logie campaign. It’s a homage to his great inspiration, the Great Aussie Bleeder, Norman Gunston.”

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Dan Schneider sues ‘Quiet on Set’ producers for defamation in docuseries

Dan Schneider has sued Investigation Discovery for defamation over his portrayal in Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, accusing the company of falsely implying that he sexually abused children who worked on the Nickelodeon series he created and ran, reports The Hollywood Reporter’s Winston Cho.

Schneider, in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, says his depiction in the five-part docuseries is a “hit job.” While it’s true that two child sexual abusers worked on network shows, he says he had “no knowledge of their abuse,” condemned it and “was not a child sexual abuser himself.”

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