Duncan Campbell: Survey four results, and will Kyle and Jackie O stay at ARN?

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Plus: What ARN will focus on in the second half of the year

The fourth GFK survey marks the halfway point in the year, with the Australian radio ratings landscape well and truly shaping up for 2023.

Mediaweek has caught up with some of the top content bosses in the industry to discuss their results, today speaking to ARN’s chief content officer Duncan Campbell.

Looking back on the first half of the year, Campbell says that the start has been positive for ARN.

“It’s been a solid first half of the year for us – obviously, it’s more challenging this year as our competitors improve as well. We’ve got some more work to do to ensure we end the year strong, but that’s what we’re about here. 

“I’m looking forward to the second half of the year, and expect us to end the year as strongly as we have in previous years.”

KIIS 106.5

In Sydney, survey four saw 2GB’s Ben Fordham take #1 overall breakfast back after three surveys on top for Kyle and Jackie O. As much as people get caught in the headlines of radio ratings, Campbell points out that the show is still a “powerhouse.”

“The share is still very impressive. They’re at a 17.1 share in breakfast and 36 surveys as number one FM, so it’s an incredibly strong show. 

KIIS 106.5 is a very strong radio station, and we expect that to continueKyle and Jackie O is a very strong show. It was nice to be number one overall, but 2GB is a very strong station with a very loyal audience. We would have liked to hang on to that for a little bit longer, but that wasn’t to be.”

kyle and jackie o Sydney Radio Ratings

ARN in Melbourne

In Melbourne, KIIS 101.1 has recorded its strongest radio ratings results for 2023, recording 1.238 million listeners and increasing overall share to 7.5%.

KIIS 101.1 has been a consistent, steady grower – it hasn’t leapt forward in any great increase, but it’s now posting some records results,” says Campbell. “I’m actually quite happy with the way 101.1 has been performing in Melbourne.”

Also in Melbourne, Gold continues to dominate the FM space.

“Gold is at 28 number one FMs in a row, and Christian O’Connell is at 25 number one FMs in a row. It’s tightened up down there a bit this survey, which it has done previously, but we’ve always pulled away.”

Entering H2

With half the surveys for the year done, there are four more to go. Campbell says that for the rest of the year, ARN will be focusing “on the stations which are under stress.”

“97.3 in Brisbane has a lot of work going on behind the scenes in terms of making sure that the breakfast show is building an audience. It had a 0.9 increase today, so 10.4, back into double figures. Only two points separate B105, KIIS, Triple M, and Nova, so it’s tight, we just need to get stronger in double figures

“It’s a slow turnaround in Adelaide, but that’s making some progress. 

“The other one would be just to keep KIIS 101.1 moving forward as well – seeing those incremental improvements continue to further strengthen that station, and give a stronger duopoly in Melbourne.”

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Will Kyle and Jackie O stay at ARN?

At the beginning of the month, reports that Kyle and Jackie O could potentially be returning to SCA made headlines across the industry. When asked if there was any truth to the reports, Campbell says that he would be “surprised if that was the case.”

“It’s almost 10 years to the month from when Kyle made that phone call to myself to move from SCA to ARN. 

“I don’t know whether there’s any truth behind that, I don’t know whether that’s accurate or not. As far as we’re concerned, they’re here, they’re happy, and their contract doesn’t run out for another 18 months or so. 

“I don’t think you make a move like that, and then 10 years later sign up to go back again. They’ve been away, so we haven’t actually had much interaction with them – but they keep telling me how much they like it here and they enjoy it. Until we hear differently, then it’s business as usual.”

Top Image: Duncan Campbell

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