QMS DYNAMiQ data shows that Sydney is bouncing back after lockdown


• Audiences continued to increase this week, climbing to 87% of pre-lockdown 2021 levels

New data from QMS reveals a sharp and fast bounce back in the number of people visiting and working in the Sydney central business district, triggered by the easing of lockdown restrictions around Australia.

QMS’ DYNAMiQ insights and audience measurement platform has shown that the bounce back of Sydney CBD’s out of home audiences has already been swift and significant, rising to 75% of pre-lockdown 2021 audiences after just one week of restrictions easing.

Audiences continued to increase this week, climbing to 87% of pre-lockdown 2021 levels, setting a trajectory that is expected to continue as the city returns en masse to the “new normal”.

QMS chief strategy officer, Christian Zavecz, said: “As Sydney and NSW continue to re-open, there is enthusiasm to get back to enjoying our social lives, workspaces and local communities. The data we are seeing is exciting and the City of Sydney has an enticing and detailed plan to encourage even more people back, promoted across various channels including the City’s What’s On digital channels.

“As more restrictions ease and vaccination rates rise, there will be a big focus on collaborating with businesses and organisations to welcome the CBD workers back to vibrant city life.”

In June 2020, QMS was appointed to an exclusive 10-year agreement, plus a further five-year option, to create a premium, reimagined network of street furniture for the City of Sydney. The rollout of the new network starts in late November, with QMS currently in market with partnership proposals.

QMS’ agreement with the City of Sydney will see a newly designed suite of bus shelters, kiosks and public toilets replace the current furniture, most of which has been in place since 1997.

The QMS network covers 26 square kilometres, including 10 distinctive precincts across 33 of Sydney’s most desirable suburbs, including the CBD.

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