QMS and Neuro-Insight study proves DOOH drives more than awareness

QMS - Christian Zavecz and Peter Pynta

The innovative new study shows DOOH impacts memory encoding by an average of 22% across the sales funnel

QMS has released the results of its latest neuroscience study, revealing that digital out-of-home (DOOH) can create impact across the entire sales funnel, from awareness and consideration to purchase and advocacy.

Conducted in partnership with leading neuroscience research company NeuroInsight, the innovative new study shows that DOOH impacts memory encoding by an average of 22% across the sales funnel, providing marketers and agencies with new insights on how to influence customers on the sales journey.

Christian Zavecz, QMS’ chief strategy officer, said: “Out-of-home has always been a powerful broadcast medium, predominantly used to drive awareness.

“Over the past, five to six years, greater digitisation, programmatic expansion and increased data integration have seen the channel evolve into something more sophisticated, which lead us to examine the role DOOH plays across the other stages of the sales funnel.

“Our new study with NeuroInsight clearly shows that DOOH is not like traditional OOH. Its additional and unique capabilities extend its strategic relevance and allow it to play a role right through the sales funnel.”

The six-month study covered 345 Australian participants, 12 product categories ranging from low to high involvement purchases, and three QMS DOOH formats: large format digital billboards, the brand-new City of Sydney digital street furniture network and 7-Eleven IMPULSE digital panels.

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The study also found that the DOOH format influences how the creative is processed by consumers, resulting in higher memory encoding when the creative is tailored appropriately to the QMS format.
Peter Pynta
, NeuroInsight CEO, APAC, said: “The influence of advertising is increasingly difficult to understand. However, the granular, scientific lens used in this project has allowed us to capture some previously unexplored aspects of exactly where DOOH can drive impact and influence across the sales funnel.
“This study also highlights that advertising on DOOH keeps working post the sale to effectively set up the next sale. So, advertisers with a strategic long view on their DOOH communications will be strongly supported in terms of advocacy. Just another reason to see communications as an investment in both today and for tomorrow.”
 and NeuroInsight have jointly conducted four ground-breaking studies over the past four years, with last year’s study demonstrating how evolving creative approaches and content can deliver higher impact than static creative after just five days.

Top image: Christian Zavecz and Peter Pynta

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