Publicis Worldwide shows its support for Reconciliation Queensland’s We are One concert

Publicis Worldwide - we are one

The event is receiving widespread support from organisations Uluru Statement, and YES23

Publicis Worldwide has shown its support for Reconciliation Queensland’s We are One concert, which will be held in Brisbane on October 7.

Brisbane’s diverse, multicultural community will come together in solidarity with its First Nations people as part of a unique community event in Brisbane on Saturday.

The event, an initiative of not-for-profit Reconciliation Queensland, is receiving widespread support from across the city’s vibrant multicultural communities, along with support from organisations Queensland Community Alliance, Quandamooka Festival, Uluru Statement, and YES23.

Showcasing everything from music and dance, the event is a family-friendly opportunity for all communities to rally in support of First Nations people who, over the past few months, have contended with an often confronting and challenging public debate.

With almost 40% of our community born overseas, the day will also foster a deeper understanding between First Nations people and the migrant community around the issues currently under the spotlight and how a First Nations Voice to Parliament will support positive change.

Publicis Worldwide has provided pro-bono assistance for the concert through the creation of the event name and promotional pieces, including social media, banners, and helping with PR.

Simone Waugh, CEO of Publicis Worldwide, said: “Publicis Worldwide is proud to support Reconciliation Queensland with our communication services in the lead up to the YES23 referendum vote.

“We love the idea of uniting our multicultural voices, with the highlight of the concert bringing together headline artists including Joe Geia and Fred Leone to sing ‘We are One’. Our creative, design, social and PR team have all put in pro-bono support for this concert, as we believe that music is a unifier and will bring hope to all communities.”

Reconciliation Queensland CEO Erin Lang said the event is a long overdue opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our community and build deeper, broader connections.

“Reconciliation Queensland is both honoured and thrilled to collaborate with esteemed partners such as the Quandamooka Festival, Queensland Community Alliance, Uluru Statement from the Heart, and many more. This Saturday’s event serves as a unique occasion to unite all of us and celebrate the embodiment of genuine reconciliation in our country.

“This past year has marked a monumental milestone for the reconciliation movement and witnessing our communities coming together has been truly inspirational. As we approach the final stages of the upcoming referendum scheduled for October 14th, 2023, we take immense pride in the collective effort put forth to ensure that every individual has had the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions about the merits of this pivotal vote,” she said.

“It is incredibly heartwarming to witness the unwavering support and unity of Australia’s multicultural community standing in solidarity with us. This Saturday, we eagerly anticipate the chance to spotlight the richness of our diverse cultures and commemorate the beauty of our differences,” Lang added.

Publicis Worldwide

One of the highlights on the day will be a performance by acclaimed First Nations artist Joe Geia and collaborating with the Union Choir.

Geia said: “As an Indigenous songwriter I have always tried to write songs that tell our story harmoniously and melodically to bring a deeper understanding of our lives. A vote gives us the opportunity to have a voice in decisions that affect our communities. Let’s walk together so our children can be free.”

Samoan High Talking Chief Taitu’uga – who will be performing on the day – says he is lending his support to the event to encourage sharing and building understanding between all communities.

“It is important that all communities know they can be a part of supporting our First Nations brothers and sisters voices through this referendum. We all now call this country home and we need all voices heard not just by Government, but at a grass roots level.”

A spokesperson for the Quanadamooka Festival said: “The Quandamooka Festival brings together all cultures to connect, unite and celebrate. We are delighted to partner Reconciliation Queensland to showcase our Quandamooka and other multicultural artists, and support a First Nations Voice in the Constitution.”

Walters Nkemfack, community organiser, Qld Community Alliance, said: “We are bringing together multicultural communities, churches, mosques, unions, and community organisations to support First Nations people and say YES to listening to them. Qld Community Alliance is proud to be part of an inspiring day of cultural celebration, connection and advocacy.”

Running from 10am to 6pm in the Brisbane Showgrounds main arena, the day will feature performance from Joe Geia and Band, Fred Leone, Tai’tuga, Marcello Milani, Waveney Yasso, Nix, Aunty Sandra King, Tichawona Noble, DJ Amit, Aunty Dora and The Red Dirt Band, The PNG/West Papauan Drummers, Mzaza, Dheeraj Shesthra and Sudha Manian…with more to be announced.

Plus a host of additional dance performances art and craft activities along with drum workshops, market stalls and food trucks.

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