Australia wakes up with popcorn-scented newspapers

The stunt will reach around 3.5 million readers across Australia

Australia has woken up to the smell of popcorn today with News Corp Australia using its print platform to launch its latest retail campaign.

Every one of News Corp’s six capital city mastheads has been scented “popcorn” in a sensory marketing initiative to draw attention to The Great Night In Family Movie Collection launching this weekend.

It is anticipated the stunt will reach around 3.5 million readers across Australia.

Specialised scenting technology has been used to infuse specific pages of each of the participating newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Courier-Mail, The Advertiser, the Herald Sun, The Mercury and NT News with the smell of “buttered popcorn”.

News Corp Australia’s chief marketing officer, Tony Phillips, said: “The bold move demonstrates how newspapers could offer innovative and effective advertising solutions for marketers. It’s an example of how newspapers stand out as a great sensory advertising medium, helping consumers cut through the clutter and deliver smart, relevant messages in a highly entertaining way.

News Corp partnered with DreamWorks to offer the top-rating classics with The Great Night In Family Movie Collection, available as DVDs for $2.60 each, with the purchase of any metro or selected regional newspaper over 15 consecutive days.

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