Podsights Benchmark Australian Report reveals 54% growth in ad spend

The report examined data gathered from October 2021–September 2022

The Q3 Podsights Benchmark Australian Report revealed Australian campaigns are getting bigger, with ad spend up 54% year on year.

Additionally, ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia recorded 5.4 million listeners in September 2022, resulting in 24.8 million downloads and equating to an average of 4.6 downloads per listener.

ARN’s head of digital audio Corey Layton said: “Australian podcast campaigns continue to drive higher conversion rates that set the global standard. It’s a testament to the execution of our creative and talent voiced campaigns that outperform other social and digital channels.”

The report examined data gathered from October 2021–September 2022. Key findings from the benchmark report and additional analysis showed iHeartPodcast Network’s advertising conversion rates continue to be higher than social and digital channels, including Facebook and Twitter. When breaking down global conversion rates by industry, retail, education and fashion categories experienced the strongest Q3 attribution results.

Additionally, the report revealed 81% of podcast campaigns placed advertising in either the pre or mid-roll spots, with mid-rolls outperforming pre-roll conversion rate by 4%.

The Q2 Podsights Benchmark Australian Report examined data gathered from April 2021 to March 2022 and showed iHeartPodcast Network Australia received 25.8 million downloads equating to an average of 4.5 downloads per listener. The Podsights Global Q2-22 report showed January to March 2022 had double (+110%) the number of impressions served compared to the same period last year with an 81% increase in expenditure.

Podsights aims to bring the tools of digital reporting and attribution to podcasts, with the goal of enabling clients to monitor and measure the effectiveness of podcast advertising in real-time using a specialised dashboard. These capabilities are included in every iHeartPodcast Network Australia campaign.

ARN owns and represents 135 stations across 71 markets plus 46 DAB+ stations nationwide, all available, with limitless radio, music, and podcasts, on the free digital entertainment platform, iHeartRadio.

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