Podcast Week: Tracey Preston, crime busters, iTunes highlights

• Preston has tracked down passionate Australians who lay it all on the line

Animal lover Tracey Preston’s We’re All Animals

Incredible, unbelievable, surprising…but true. The astounding lengths people go to for the animals they love are explored in a new PodcastOne original series We’re All Animals.

The podcast series is hosted by former television journalist Tracey Preston, who is no stranger to the wonderful world of animals, having travelled the globe and experienced the rush of being touched by a wild gorilla, licked by a puma and had her thumb sucked by a lion.

In 2005 Preston left FTA TV and started her PR/media relations business Media Animal. “I have always been an animal lover and I have been to Africa lots of times,” said Preston.

Having a brush with gorillas came recently during a trip to Uganda to visit the mountain gorillas. “It was the most unbelievable experience I have had in the wild and I have had some wild experiences!”

Talking to Preston this week, Mediaweek was convinced about her passion for animals, something that also comes through loud and clear in the podcasts.

Throughout the series, Preston has tracked down passionate Australians who lay it all on the line, sacrificing relationships, finances and even their homes for the creatures they love.

“I admire the selfless people who have the courage to follow their heart and dedicate their lives to saving and protecting the animals they love,” said Preston.

She successfully pitched the idea of the series to PodcastOne. “I wanted to create a series which shines a light on the unsung heroes of the animal world and shares their amazing tales, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with We’re All Animals.”

The eight-part series features a bird whisperer who rescues birds and teaches them to fly again, a woman who trains horses to help humans, inside a wombat ICU unit and a trainer who saves dogs from the pound and gives them a second chance at life and much more.

“I have dedicated years of my life to telling stories about animals and what I’ve found is it’s often the people who save and protect these animals who have the most incredible stories to tell, so creating We’re All Animals and being able to share these stories is just wonderful,” said Preston.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have had such phenomenal experiences with animals and get a lot of joy out of sharing my stories with others”.

For more about Preston’s Media Animal business visit https://mediaanimal.tv/.

Listen to We’re All Animals here.

The Teacher’s Pet: Information helps police arrest suspect

It was the blockbuster podcast that captivated the world’s attention, and yesterday, following the arrest of the murder accused Chris Dawson, downloads for The Teacher’s Pet soared to more than 28.6 million, reports The Australian’s Olivia Caisley.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller yesterday credited the series, spearheaded by The Australian’s national chief correspondent Hedley Thomas, with generating fresh leads and witnesses, contributing to the arrest of the former husband of Lynnette Dawson, who disappeared in 1982.

Dawson has never been charged in relation to her disappearance but is expected to be as soon as today when he is extradited to Sydney.

[Read the original]

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The Teacher’s Pet: friends and family at start of long road by Hedley Thomas

ABC’s Trace podcast reveals secrets from DNA lab

DNA samples collected from a bloodied magazine found in the home of murdered Melbourne mother, Maria James, reveal a paedophile priest who was never questioned over her death may still be in the frame for her murder, according to new episode of the true-crime podcast Trace.

Last week, the Victorian Coroner reopened the investigation into the 38-year-old cold case of James, whose murder was the subject of the ABC’s first true-crime podcast Trace.

After obtaining the bloodied magazine, the ABC’s Trace podcast had it tested at Adelaide’s Flinders University, along with a hair sample from Father O’Keeffe’s twin brother, to check if the priest can be linked to the crime scene.

[Read the ABC’s report on the latest developments]

Listen to the latest episode of Trace here

Sports Talk Media launches Let’s Talk 20/20 podcast

Australian independent sports broadcaster Sports Talk Media is launching a new podcast covering the men’s and women’s Big Bash League for the 2018/19 season.

Let’s Talk 20/20 will be a weekly, 12-episode series hosted by Brisbane-based sports journalists Cameron Anchor and Terry Pascoe, with the first episode available from Sunday 9th December.

Anchor said the podcast would be a superb opportunity for cricket fans to enjoy a fresh and honest perspective of the Big Bash League.

“The BBL and WBBL continue to grow and are among the most watched sports on TV, considering how many games are played over a 12-week period,” he said.

“You might not get a chance to watch them all, but Let’s Talk 20/20 will make you feel like you haven’t missed a thing.”

Anchor and Pascoe are keen to focus on the BBL and WBBL equally throughout the podcast series.

“For anyone doubting the quality [of the women’s game], just look at how well the Australian women’s team is doing,” Anchor said.

“Right now they’re showing the men how it should be done.”

Let’s Talk 20/20 will be available from 9th December from Podbean, iTunes and Spotify.

Visit www.stmediaaus.com for more information or email info@stmediaaus.com.

2018 Lists: Apple’s best podcasts of the year

Apple’s iTunes has released its best podcasts of the year as judged by the audio platform. The Australian list features:

• Chat 10 Looks 3 – Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb
• The Teacher’s Pet – Headley Thomas, The Australian
• Totally Obsessed – Dan Debuf
• Alice Fraser Trilogy – ABC Radio
• The Squiz Podcast
• Lady Startup – Mamamia
• Dispatch To A Friend – Gillian Bell and Annabelle Hickson
• Science Friction – ABC Radio National
• Please Explain – The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald
• Is It On? – BuzzFeed Australia
• Ask Me Anything – Mamamia

The list of the recommended US podcasts from Apple is as follows:

This year, investigative reporting underpinned the immersive storytelling of shows such as American Public Media’s In the Dark, The New York Times’s Caliphate, along with historical deep dives like Slate’s Slow Burn.

News and Politics grew as podcast genres in 2018 with The New York Times’ The Daily and Crooked Media’s The Wilderness, while celebrities and a healthy mix of independents topped this year’s new shows, including Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, Oprah’s Master Class and Parcast Network’s Conspiracy Theories and Unexplained Mysteries.

Best Podcasts of the Year

• In The Dark
• Caliphate
• The Dream
• Everything is Alive
• Slow Burn
• Dr. Death
• Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
• Bubble
• Bundyville
• A Very Fatal Murder
• Wolverine: The Long Night
• Serial
• The Daily
• This American Life
• 99% Invisible

Meanwhile Apple has also revealed the most downloaded podcasts for Australian listeners in 2018-12-06

Most Downloaded new Podcast Shows in 2018: (Australian listeners)

  1. The Teacher’s Pet
  2. Unravel True Crime
  3. The Betoota Advocate
  4. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  5. Russia, If You’re Listening
  6. The Sunday Triple M NRL Catch Up — Paul Kent, Gorden Tallis, Ryan Girdler, Anthony Maroon

Most Downloaded Podcast Shows of 2018: (Australian listeners)

  1. ABC Radio: Conversations
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience
  3. TED Talks Daily
  4. Stuff You Should Know
  5. Casefile True Crime
  6. The Teacher’s Pet

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