Podcast Week: Cooking with Richo, Ed Sheeran, Australian Podcast Awards

Cooking with Richo

• Young, Dumb & Informed, Meshel Laurie, Piccolo Podcasts, and Lola Berry

Compiled by Trent Thomas and Tess Connery

Whats on the menu for Cooking with Richo’s new episodes

Cooking with Richo has returned with a new season on LiSTNR. The podcast offers listeners an immersive experience allowing the audience to learn about a technique of cooking and then cook alongside celebrity chef Adrian Richardson in real-time.

Podcast Week‘s Trent Thomas caught up with Richardson to chat about how the show has evolved and what to expect from the future.

“When you watch TV you get absorbed into it,” said Richardson when explaining why he does the podcast. “If you watch someone watching TV they are in a daze but if you plug in some headphones and you listen to it, you can actually get into it and listen to what’s going on. Your other senses are very important when you’re cooking. Your smell, your hearing, your touch – all those senses are really important. Anyone can watch a cooking show, but to listen to a podcast and to cook alongside it, I think is an interesting way of doing it.”

Cooking with Richo

Cooking programs have traditionally been a visual medium, which makes Richardson’s podcast unique, which he said took some refining.

“Recording it and putting it together, it’s been quite a learning experience. We did the first couple of goes of it, it was great, but it just didn’t work. We tried to do a couple of things at once, and you’ve just got to stop. You need to do one thing and do it really well, go into detail and go through it nice and slowly. And that seems to work really well.”

Richardson said that the goal with the podcast is to set listeners up with the basic skills they need in the kitchen before using the podcast to then help them upskill.

“We sort of wanted to set up with some basic things. So just get some basic cooking techniques. Then we’ll start to evolve and do some more complex stuff as we go.”

With the upskilling Richardson says he wants to teach people to make things like pasta and pastries in future episodes. 

“People get confused about pasta, they are confused about pastry. There are things that people think that they will just buy because it is easier. But it’s so easy once you learn how to do it. I’ll start off with ricotta gnocchi which is just assembling the ingredients.”

When asked about the future Richardson said that he has a long list of recipes and dishes for listeners to make, enough to last a decade.

“I have such a big repertoire of stuff. I’ve been cooking for 35 years. We can cook Asian, we can cook curries. Cooking stuff from all over the world would be next. Introducing to you some of my favourite dishes. I could probably do an episode every day for 10 years, and still not cover all of the most amazing dishes in the world. ”

The podcast allows listeners to cook in real-time with Richardson, but the episodes are also quite short, often under 30 minutes, Richardson said that’s because he doesn’t feel the need to waste listeners time.

“We roasted some pork and It’s gonna go in the oven for 30 minutes. Am I gonna waffle in between then? No, switch it off and come back. I am there to show you how to cook not to waste your time. Go pour yourself a glass of wine, have a chat.

“We’d like to be able to do different things. If you had roast pork in the oven, and it’s going to take 45 minutes, then there’s probably 35 minutes of spare time. Why not insert the cooking potatoes podcast?”

Cooking with Richo tends to drop its episodes all at once, and Richardson compared this method to a menu in a restaurant. 

“If I just offer you one thing at a time. It’s like, oh okay, but if I dropped a whole lot at once it’s like, oh look at this, this, and this. Rather than drip-feeding we usually do them in three or four at a time.”

LiSTNR releases Essential Vinyl with Ed Sheeran

The latest in LiSTNR’s Essential Vinyl podcast series is an episode from Ed Sheeran coinciding with the release of his album =.

Back in July, the lead single from =, Bad Habits, saw Sheeran take out his sixth ARIA chart-topping single in Australia.

On the podcast, the man himself takes listeners through the pivotal moments in one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2021.  Sheeran explains tracks Bad Habits, Visiting Hours, Shivers, Overpass Graffiti, Leave Your Life, The Joker, and The Queen.

Previous Essential Vinyl episodes feature Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Foo Fighters.

[Listen to Essential Vinyl with Ed Sheeran here]

Australian Podcast Awards finalists announced for 2021

The Australian Podcast Awards, powered by Acast, has revealed its finalists for 2021 – a list of the country’s top podcasts, podcasting moments and talent across 28 categories. 

Category winners will be announced at an in-person event on Thursday 2nd December at The Ritz in Sydney. Winners of each category will also be in the running to win the Acast Podcast of the Year Award. 

The list includes well-known podcasters, such as Hamish and Andy, Julia Gillard, and The Chaser, as well as indie favourites, such as Queens of the Drone Age and The Culture.

The full list of finalists can be seen here.

Matt Deegan, director at the Australian Podcast Awards, said “Year on year we see entries for the Australian Podcast Awards grow at an incredible rate – showing just how much amazing content is being produced here in Australia. Entries are of a truly global calibre and no doubt the judges will have a tough time deciding who should take out the final award across categories. We’re looking forward to another amazing year and an in-person celebration of all the finalists and winners in December.”

The final category – the Listeners’ Choice Award, supported by LiSTNR – is now open for the public to make their choice known. All Australian podcasts are eligible and anyone can vote here. Voting closes on Sunday 29th November.

The Daily Aus announces the Young, Dumb & Informed ahead of election

Ahead of the upcoming federal election, The Daily Aus has announced the launch of a new podcast series exploring the four issues young people need to care about in Australia. 

Hosted by political journalist Billi FitzSimons, Young, Dumb & Informed will explore each issue from three different perspectives. It’s a rare opportunity for young people to hear how both sides of the political spectrum approach the same issue – and how those political perspectives play out in the real world. 

“How traditional media delivers news to young people, and how we actually want to consume the news, are at odds with each other. Young, Dumb & Informed moves away from jargon and assumed knowledge and instead focuses on the context needed to understand the basics of election-defining topics,” said FitzSimons.

Through unpacking housing affordability, climate policy, mental health, and an Indigenous voice to parliament, Young, Dumb & Informed will arm young people with everything they need to get involved in dinner table conversations, first dates – even arguments over a family Christmas lunch. 

Billi FitzSimons

The four-part series will feature in-depth interviews with key politicians, experts, and advocates, with notable subjects including Liberal MP David Coleman, Labor MP Emma McBride, and Greens leader Adam Bandt

Young, Dumb and Informed debuts on November 10, with a new episode released weekly until December 1. 

Podcaster Meshel Laurie joins the lineup for BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival

BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival is back for four days in early December at the State Library of NSW. This week, BAD unveiled a program of nearly 40 different sessions, panels and special events, including Meshel Laurie and the presentation of this year’s Danger Prize.

meshel laurie

Meshel Laurie

On Friday December 3, true crime podcaster Meshel Laurie will be speaking to forensic anthropologist and criminologist Xanthé Mallett in a session named after Laurie’s book, CSI Told You Lies. After the session, you’ll never read another homicide headline without wondering about the forensic pathologist who happened to be on call, the evidence they found and the truth they uncovered. The conversation runs from 2pm-3pm AEDT and will be live-streamed on Zoom.

On Saturday December 4, The 2021 Danger Prize for the best book, TV series, podcast or film about Sydney crime released in the 2020/21 financial year will be awarded.

[See the full BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival lineup here]

Piccolo Podcasts re-opens its doors after lockdown

With Sydney coming out of lockdown, Piccolo Podcasts have opened their doors once again.

Speaking about re-opening, Andrew Menczel, director of Piccolo said: “We are back in full swing producing podcasts and are about to launch some great new branded content. We are working on a new show about teachers who have started their own businesses and we are working with Macquarie University on a new project.”

This month, Influence Unlocked is working on season three, with host Samantha Dybac interviewing a selection of guests including Australian Women’s Cricket Captain, Lisa Sthalekar and Scott Mags, CEO of Skin Check Champions.

[Listen to Influence Unlocked here]

Piccolo’s new client Cane Financial, is working on their first season of Coffee with Craig. The podcast sees Cane director Craig Forman chat all things finance, family and friends with a variety of different guests from cricket commentator Jim Maxwell, to neurosurgeon Nazih Assaad.

[Listen to Coffee with Craig here]

Lola Berry launches Fearlessly Failing book, based on her podcast

Author, nutritionist, yoga teacher, and host of the Fearlessly Failing podcast Lola Berry has launched her 11th book, named after the Acast series. 

In the book Fearlessly Failing, Berry guides readers on how to grow through challenges and embrace the lessons that so-called failure can teach us. She explores how to spot the signs leading you towards your life purpose, how to achieve lasting personal growth, and what our bodies can teach us about finding true joy and lasting health.

The book provides readers with a total body, mind and soul ‘toolkit’ that has been personally road-tested.

[Listen to Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry here]

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