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Plus: MarketingMag, iHeartPodcast, Adam Liaw, Bad Taste, Medium Rare, and Look at Moi

Compiled by Tess Connery and Trent Thomas

Cass Dunn on overcoming self doubt in LiSTNR’s The Confidence Coach

Cass Dunn is a clinical psychologist, life coach, mindfulness meditation and host of LiSTNR’s Crappy to Happy podcast. She’s settling down behind the mic once again though, with the launch of The Confidence Coach with Cass Dunn.

Podcast Week’s Tess Connery spoke with Dunn about her new podcast project and what she hopes it will give listeners.

For Dunn, the first spark of what would become The Confidence Coach came when she realised that so many people’s confidence issues come from the same place.

“In my own work with predominantly women, and coaching groups and online programs that I deliver, this theme just kept repeating of imposter syndrome, and lack of self confidence. I’ve been working with women as a therapist and as a coach for a long time about all sorts of issues to do with strength, body image, parenting, work stress, and life in general – it occurred to me that at the crux of a whole lot of these problems is this core feeling of self doubt.

“I just thought, if I can help people to get a handle on core issue of self-trust and self-belief, I think that would go a long way to helping resolve all of these other issues.”

Cass Dunn

Each episode of The Confidence Coach covers a topic – including career, family, health, and relationships –  that comes from a real listener. Dunn says that when choosing the issues to delve into, relatability was key.

“When we first had this idea of getting real people on board, I put the call out to my following on social media and said, ‘this is what I am thinking about doing’. There was so much interest, and people immediately started sending me in their voice memos.

I tried to choose topics that I knew would resonate with a lot of people. I hope that when people hear other people’s stories, they can see themselves in those stories, and that people can immediately relate to somebody else’s experience. I know from my work as a as a therapist and a coach, people are often just so relieved to hear somebody else is experiencing the same things they are.”

With her Crappy to Happy podcast finding success on LiSTNR, Dunn says that there is one key difference between Crappy to Happy and The Confidence Coach.

“Way back in the beginning, Crappy to Happy was very much a mind and body wellbeing podcast with myself and Tiffiny Hall as co host. Tiff was the physical fitness expert and I was the mind fitness expert. After Tiff left the show, I took over the reins of Crappy to Happy myself and it gave me the opportunity to invite guests on and to speak to experts and people with life experience in a broad range of areas.

“While I’m still a psychologist, I’ve become very much an interviewer. So for me, Crappy to Happy is a platform where I bring other people on to talk about their area of expertise, and The Confidence Coach gives me the opportunity to come back into my area of expertise – which is mental, psychological, and emotional well being.”

[Listen to The Confidence Coach here]

MarketingMag ventures into podcasting

Following the release of a new web design, MarketingMag has now also released a new podcast, Not So Serious. The show features editor Liv Croagh sitting down with guests to talk about topics relevant to the publication’s readers. The first episode featured Lachlan Bradford and Robbie Hicks from Funny Business to talk LinkedIn networking, Patreon and paywalling content. The second episode featured part one of a two-part chat with Taryn Williams, which discussed influencers.

MarketinngMag editor, Liv Croagh, commented on the launch of the podcast on LinkedIn.

“I’m so excited that this morning we release the first episode of the Not So Serious podcast for MarketingMag. It’s a podcast for all the marketers out there to hear from some cool people doing cool things.

“We’ve been working away in the background with this, and our first episode with Robbie Hicks and Lachlan Bradford was so fun. Huge shoutout to the guys for making me feel so relaxed for my first time on the mic (but now I love it, so watch out world, rap career next?!)

“Thanks to Jessica Appleton for the amazing design and Darby Lyndon for being my right-hand woman and amazing producer.”

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Liv Croagh and Tarryn Williams Credit: LinkedIn

[Listen to Not So Serious here]

Kate Gudinski and Sophie Panton return for third season of Talking in Common

Kate Gudinski and Sophie Panton have returned for the third season of their podcast Talking In Common.

“We’re super excited season three is finally here. We have spent the last few months really considering the direction in topics, guests and focus based on our recent experiences and dedicating time to the well-being of ourselves, our families and our friendship. We are both really eager to share our thoughts and life considerations via some in-depth conversations between ourselves and our guests. As eager as we are to share, equally so to learn and connect. We are once again incredibly humbled to be working with Swisse Wellness, a partner that is supporting us to provide access to our podcast to the deaf and hard of hearing community via our Auslan interpreted videos. Everyone can now watch the full uncut version of the episodes on our youtube channel.”, said Gudinski and Panton.

The pair will once again host a unique range of guests from all walks of life, who share their expertise and experience on each episode of Talking In Common. Season three will continue to explore lifestyle, family, relationships, well-being, kids, and culture, with a special focus on the topics of self-compassion, co-parenting, career combined with motherhood, inclusivity, and navigating parenting in a digital world and life post lockdown and COVID.

Following last year’s14-episode season, which featured guests like Elsa Pataky, Mick Fanning, Brendan Fevola, Asher Keddie and Stephanie McIntosh, season three will see a range of well-rounded guests including feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker Clementine Ford, radio and television personality and mum Ash London, Frank Body founder Jess Hatzis, trained energy healer, manifestation & spiritual coach Allira Potter and award-winning portrait artist Vincent Fantauzzo, with more guests to be confirmed.

Talking In Common has once again partnered with health, wellness and beauty brand Swisse Wellness (H&H Group), for season three. The partnership will also feature a special Swisse guest on the show, to be announced at a later date.

[Listen to Talking in Common here]

iHeartPodcast reveals advertising spend grew 52% in first quarter

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network has revealed that Australian podcast advertising grew by 52% year on year. 

The new data from Magellan AI has revealed the top 15 brands advertising in Q1 across the entire Australian podcast landscape.

Using artificial intelligence technology, the report is based on analysing thousands of episodes from 400+ of Australia’s most popular podcasts for Q1 2022 to determine which brands are advertising in the rapidly growing medium. 

Overall, spending on Australian podcast advertising grew by 52% year on year. Investment into key genres has also rapidly increased across the entire podcast landscape from 2021 to 2022.

Advertising in the Sports genre has increased by 202% with News up 125% and Comedy also increasing 117%.

The Q1 list features brands from a broad range of categories across online retailers, telcos and entertainment showcasing the breadth of industries leaning into the medium.

LADbible goes local with new podcast

LADbible Group has announced that it is entering into the ANZ audio landscape with the SPORTbible Daily podcast.

The SPORTbible Daily tackles the last 24 hours of trending sports news in Australia and across the globe. Episodes are15 minutes every morning with hosts Shad Wicka and Katie Brown as they dissect the biggest stories on and off the sporting field.

Backing the launch, Spotify will be including the podcast as part of their Daily Drive soundtrack from launch.

Joseph Summers, General Manager of LADbible Group APAC, said: “We have been watching the audio landscape for some time now, so with the recent emergence of video podcasts we knew it was the right time to leap into this space. Delivering video content that makes our audience laugh, think and act is what we do best; and so video podcasts are simply the next evolution of that.”

[Listen to The SPORTbible Daily here]

Adam Liaw adds a dash of podcast to his portfolio

Adam Liaw is trying out a new medium with the release of his first podcast: How Taste Changed the World. The seven-part series, available on Audible, delves into the history, science and stories behind sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami.

Adam Liaw

Each episode of How Taste Changed the World is set around conversations with figures from the worlds of food, science, and history. From chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi and Dan Barber to food scientists such as professors David Raubenheimer and Stephen J. Simpson the show will have a diverse pallet of guests

[Listen to How Taste Changed the World here]

Brenda Call Me! returns for season two

Nova’s Brenda Call Me! podcast starring Courtney Act and Vanity has returned for a second season off the back of a retro space-themed photo shoot. Posting on Instagram, Act said that they were excited to be returning to the mics for another season.

Source: Instagram

“We are out of this world excited because Brenda, Call Me! our hit podcast is back for a second season! The first episode launches this Thursday on @novapodcastsofficial, get it where ever you get your podcasts!!! @wigsbyvanity and I are bringing you more astounding honesty, friendship and some queer history!”


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Act spoke to Mediaweek last year about the show and said that while there is a lot of drag podcasts in the market, they are the only one with Australian flavour.

“As far as penetrating Australia, it is just something that makes Australians go ‘oh this is for us’, you can hear a lot of American podcasts but it’s nice when you hear an Australian one and it sounds very familiar.”

[Listenn to Brenda Call Me! here]

SBS launches new food podcast, Bad Taste

SBS has launched Bad Taste, a new podcast series exploring the concept of ‘good food’ – uncovering the lesser-known stories behind the Australian palate, and analysing who calls the shots on what’s deemed a delicacy or a dud.  

Hosted by Melbourne food writer Jess Ho, The six-part series explores how we define ourselves through the foods we eat, dissecting the question – who gets to decide what good and bad food is? Featuring names including award-winning writer, farmer, and researcher Bruce Pascoe, and Thi Le, chef and co-owner of restaurant Anchovy and Ca Com Bánh Mì, the series aims to uncover surprising stories behind foods like spam, native grains and bánh mì.

Available now on the SBS Radio app and all popular podcast platforms, new episodes of Bad Taste will drop every Wednesday.

Medium Rare launches HCF’s Growing Great Tweens

Medium Rare Content Agency has announced the launch of HCF’s latest podcast Growing Great Tweens. Season 4 of the Navigating Parenthood series, the new podcast marks the first content output under a new three-year contract awarded to Medium Rare.

The HCF content strategy and publishing services will be delivered by a dedicated team at Medium Rare, led by newly appointed head of content for health & lifestyle, Jo McKay.

McKay is a senior media professional with more than 20 years’ experience in lifestyle journalism and content publishing. She has worked with major brands in the UK and Australia, delivering strategic content solutions across print, digital and social. Since 2019, she has led content creation for a range of Medium Rare clients.

[Listen to Growing Great Tweens here]

Acast launches Look at Moi podcast to celebrate 20 years of Kath and Kim

TV Host, writer and podcaster Rowdie Walden has launched a new weekly podcast, Look at Moi – celebrating twenty years of the iconic, cult-classic Australian series Kath and Kim. The show is distributed, hosted, and monetised by Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company.

Listeners of Look at Moi are invited to crack open the Tia Maria and put on the footy franks, as Rowdie is joined each week by a new celebrity guest to journey back to Fountain Lakes and unpack the most iconic Australian series of all time, Kath and Kim. Each episode will cover a season of the show and will feature a musical recap of the season by Gabbi Bolt. Confirmed guest stars include Abbie Chatfield, Em Rusciano, and Art Simone, with more surprise guests to be announced soon.

Rowdie created and starred in Rowdie’s Chemical Romance (ABC TV), a five-part series which saw him attempt to use science to find love. He’s also written, produced and starred in primetime shows across the networks, including The Weekly (ABC TV), The Project (Ten) and the ABC’s Mardis Gras coverage. Most recently, Rowdie hosted the Spotify Exclusive podcast Search Engine Sex.

look at moi

Rowdie Walden, host of Look at Moi, said: “While I’ve hosted my own podcast before, working with Acast on Look at Moi means that I can leverage their support for the open podcasting system to bring the show to as many Kath and Kim fans as possible.

“Fans of Kath and Kim have been re-watching the series since the final episode aired in 2007, so I wanted to give something new to the fandom in celebration of the show’s 20th anniversary. Joining the Acast Creator Network has given me the creative freedom to bring out the foxy moron in all my guests.”

[Listen to Look at Moi here]

Cass Dunn

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