Podcast Week: Abbie Chatfield on LiSTNR & Josh Szeps talks Joe Rogan

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• Plus: AIM’s It’s Raining Mentors podcast, Marc Fennel’s silverware and the Unlikely Investors podcast

Compiled by Tess Connery and Trent Thomas

Abbie Chatfield on why she moved to LiSTNR, and if radio was always the plan

In October, Abbie Chatfield made a massive jump and took her hugely successful It’s A Lot podcast from Nova to SCA’s LiSTNR. Since then, she’s also kicked off her new radio show, Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield.

Abbie Chatfield spoke with Podcast Week‘s Tess Connery for a feature that will be published in full next week.

The announcement that It’s A Lot would be moving to SCA was closely followed by the announcement that Hot Nights would be launching. Abbie Chatfield says that despite what it could look like, the two weren’t connected.

“I didn’t come over for radio. I think there’s this misconception that I came over and part of my deal to come over was a radio show. That wasn’t the case – we did the deal with the podcast way before the radio show was even thought of. So it just happened to be that there was a spot opening up and Dave [Cameron] thought that I was a good fit – that was really flattering.

“The reason for the podcast going from Nova over to LiSTNR was nothing personal. I love the people at Nova – it was actually a really, really hard decision – but I thought we’d just be a better fit here at SCA, and that turned out to be right. I love Nova, I’ll always love everyone at Nova. But I also love everyone at SCA, so it’s been positive.”

Abbie Chatfield

Abbie Chatfield

The move to SCA has seen It’s A Lot producer Max Corstorphan now working as executive producer of Hot Nights, and LiSTNR head of original content Sam Cavanagh taking the reins as producer of It’s A Lot. Despite the changes, It’s A Lot will still be the same podcast that its listeners have come to know and love. There will be one change, though.

“We did split the nightmare fuel –  a segment on the podcast – out to be on Friday. Some people were saying to me that they hate the nightmare fuels, get rid of them, they’re pointless. Some people were saying ‘oh my god, they’re my favourite thing in the world, can you please have more?’ So it splits off, if you like one and hate the other you can decide! That’s probably the only major change.”

Abbie Chatfield

Recently, Abbie Chatfield announced her relationship with one of this season’s Bachelorette contestants, Konrad Bien-Stephens. With so much of It’s A Lot discussing Chatfield’s adventures in singleness without hesitation, listeners can expect that same energy to continue now that she’s out of the dating pool.

“Konrad is so wonderful, and he just thinks it’s funny and endearing that I can’t shut up. He’s just so proud of me and loves me so much. I’ll say things in the recording, like the other day I was saying he was like Mr. Pussy from Sex in the City. I told him, and he was like, ‘I don’t give a shit. I could not care less what you say, as long as it’s not mean or complaining about me on air’, which I will never do. I’m very lucky that he’s okay with that. We even had him on the radio show, we plan to have him on quite regularly to air some grievances he has with me throughout the week!”

[Listen to It’s A Lot here]

Josh Szeps on being on the biggest podcast in the world and his plans for 2022

After his work with HuffPost Live saw him as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience six times between 2014 and 2017, ABC radio host and podcaster Josh Szeps recently made another appearance on the world’s biggest podcast. Stopping by the studio while in the country visiting family, Szeps spoke to Rogan about Covid-19, vaccinations, the rise of AI, Earth’s place in the universe, and the power of Zuckerberg’s metaverse among other things.

Szeps spoke with Podcast Week‘s Tess Connery about The Joe Rogan Experience and what 2022 holds.

In the podcasting world, there are few titles as colossal as The Joe Rogan Experience. For Szeps, the proof is in the responses to his appearances.

“When I was in living in New York I had a regular segment on The Today Show on NBC, which is regarded by industry insiders as the most important show in the universe,” says Szeps. “I would go on and do a regular segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda, or Al Roker, and after I got off the air in front of allegedly 40 or 50 million viewers, I might receive two or three text messages from people I hadn’t seen in a while saying, ‘Oh, I caught you on the TV’.

“By contrast, I go on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which doesn’t have any conventional credibility whatsoever, and isn’t even factored into the thinking of network executives about what matters in the media landscape. Every time I would go on his show, my own podcast would skyrocket to be one of the top three, occasionally the number one show on all of iTunes in America, just as a result of appearing on this podcast.”

Aussie Journalist Makes Joe Rogan Admit He Is Wrong About Vaccines

Whilst there are many people who have strongly held opinions of Joe Rogan and his podcast, there aren’t as many people who can say that they’ve actually sat down with him for a chat.

“He is a ferociously curious, very engaged, highly disciplined puppy dog – he just wants to inhale all of the interesting people and ideas that he can,” says Szeps. “I really enjoy talking to him, I really enjoy socialising with him. He and I disagree about a lot, but I would rather engage with deeply enthusiastic, deeply curious people who I think are mistaken about many things, than only ever hear from people whose opinions I already understand.”

Looking Ahead

2022 will be a big year for Szeps. He’s taking the reins of ABC Radio Sydney’s Afternoons show after James Valentine stepped into the Breakfast slot. His own podcast, Uncomfortable Conversations, is also charging ahead at full steam.

“I’m optimistic about 2022. I might end up having to eat my words, but we’ve been through a couple of brutal years and I just have a good feeling.”

Jumping behind the mic on Afternoons, Szeps says he’s looking forward to shaking the show up.

“I have this sandpit that I’ve been lucky enough for the national public broadcaster to give me in the afternoons, where I have three hours into which to explore, have fun, and bring listeners along with me in a show that’s completely new. The previous Afternoons show in Sydney had been essentially the same for 22 years. It was a very, very good show and I have enormous respect for James, but at some point, you want to do something different with the real estate. So it’s going to be exciting for the next couple of years for me to play around with what that is.”

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps on acast

Szeps’ Uncomfortable Conversations podcast is also gearing up for a big year, and being a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience is only the beginning.

“I hope that my appearance on Joe Rogan is just another reminder to people of how exciting and important it can be to actually have uncomfortable conversations where it isn’t just two people nodding along in agreement with each other. We find ourselves getting stuck into ruts – blowing up those ruts, wandering into no man’s land, and risking treading on some landmines is the philosophy of Uncomfortable Conversations. We’ve got tonnes of great guests coming up already lined up.”

[Listen to Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps here]
Afternoons with Josh Szeps airs on ABC Radio Sydney from 12:30pm-3:30pm

The Australian Institute of Music partners with Josh Pyke and Elana Stone

The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) has announced a podcast partnership with independent musicians Josh Pyke and Elana Stone. The show is titled It’s Raining Mentors and will be presented by Music Feeds.

In a series of fortnightly podcasts, Pyke and Stone will deliver interviews that will explore the complexities of record labels, booking agents, the live scene and more.

The first episode features Stephen Wade from Select Music, who books some of Australia’s biggest acts including Amy Shark, Baker Boy, and Client Liaison

Stone commented on the show: Making this podcast with Josh has been totally enlightening and fun. The music industry is a constantly shapeshifting universe – especially during a worldwide pandemic. It’s helpful to have some honest guidance to navigate your way through all the noise. That’s what we hope to achieve for the listeners of It’s Raining Mentors. That plus a nice cuppa and a chat with Josh Pyke and myself.”

Josh Pyke also said: When I started out, I found the music industry really confusing and quite unlike any other industry I’d experienced. I didn’t really know any musicians, so I had no one to ask about things. The purpose of making this podcast is to try and demystify it a little, so that perhaps emerging artists and industry folks won’t be as overwhelmed as I was! Plus I get to hang out with Elana, which is always a bonus!”

Future episodes will include Warner Music CEO, Dan Rosen, Ivy League A&R manager, Marihuzka Cornelius, and Village Sounds’ lead booking agent, Katie Rynn.

[Listen to It’s Raining Mentors here]

Marc Fennell receives his gold

Marc Fennell has finally gotten to hoist his silverware from the 2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards, after sharing his trophies on LinkedIn this week.

He also shared a note thanking those involved for both of his winning programs.

“Got some lovely mail from the New York Festivals today. 2 gold medals for NUT JOBS from Audible/Somethin’​ Else and 1 gold for STUFF THE BRITISH STOLE from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

“Big thanks to STUFF THE BRITISH STOLE producer Zoe Nalian Ferguson for simply being one of the best producers on the planet and for Julie Browning for backing the series from day one.

NUT JOBS was a wild ride from the moment Matt Willis first started talking about nut thefts through to hours of driving up and down Californian highways and round-the-clock work from Emma Weatherall, Tom Koenig. And excellent backing from the Audible teams past and present: Alexandra Conomos, Monique Keller, Ben Naparstek, and Paul Horan.

“And of course, Martin Peralta who worked on both.”

[Listen to Nut Jobs here]

[Listen to Stuff the British Stole here]

The team from Funny Business announce a new Pod with Sharesies and Pedestrian

 Lachlan Bradford and Robbie Hicks the co-hosts of Funny Business has announced a new podcast in conjunction with Sharesies titled Unlikely Investors

The show will aim to empower listeners financial future with eight weekly episodes. The interview-based series will talk to special guests to learn some tips and tricks from their investing journeys to date. The twist to this podcast is that all these guests are new to the investing world just like the shows target listeners.

[Listen to the Unlikely Investor podcast here]

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