Pete Murray on how he disguised his recognisable voice on The Masked Singer

Pete Murray on The Masked Singer

“I didn’t want to do the first show and have people go, ‘Oh that’s Pete Murray'”

What was perhaps The Masked Singer’s worst-kept secret was revealed last night when Tiny turned out to be legendary Aussie singer-songwriter Pete Murray.

Although judge Chrissie Swan was onto Murray with her correct guess, the Better Days artist said that he actually tried to disguise his trademark husky voice during his performances.

“I think my voice is pretty recognizable,” he told Mediaweek in a post-elimination interview. “I tried to sing a bit lower than what I normally do, which just gives it a little bit of a different flavour, to try and put people off a bit.

“I didn’t want to do the first show and have people go, ‘Oh that’s Pete Murray’, which I was concerned might happen.”

“I was glad that it didn’t [happen] for the first few shows. No one got it, so I was quite surprised, which was nice.”

Tiny on The Masked Singer

Pete Murray had a bad feeling about his performance

Murray performed Post Malone’s Wrapped Around Your Finger which he received the lowest vote for out of the remaining singers and it ultimately led to his unmasking. Murray said that prior to his performance he thought he might be eliminated.

“I felt like that Post Malone song was probably the weakest song that I had. And I was actually nervous all that day going, ‘I don’t I’m gonna get through this one’ because I just didn’t it wasn’t as strong as the other songs,” Murray said.

Regardless, the judges were delighted to see Murray, and Swan gushed that he’d “made this season” for her.

Pete on The Masked Singer

Pete Murray. Instagram.

How Pete Murray ended up on The Masked Singer

Murray was the first to admit that a show like The Masked Singer isn’t necessarily on brand for him – and he figured he could use that to his advantage.

“I’m not the sort of person that people will expect to be on the show. So I thought that might play in my favour as well. So I won’t get noticed as quickly,” he said.

Murray has sold over a million albums and been nominated for 17 ARIA awards, so it’s safe to say he’s pretty recognisable. The Aussie singer revealed that he enjoyed being able to perform behind a disguise, without the pressure that comes with his celebrity status.

“It’s a cool concept. It’s good to sing with no expectation because people don’t know who you are,” he said.

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