‘Not the first time’: Osher Günsberg on The Masked Singer and The Bachelor being cut

Osher Gunsberg on The Bachelor

“I had a fairly decent idea that this was going to happen.”

“It’s show business, not show friends,” Osher Günsberg has told listeners of his Better Than Yesterday podcast after two shows that he hosted – The Bachelor and The Masked Singer – were cut.

Last week, Network 10 confirmed it axed both shows for the year. Günsberg had hosted both franchises since their debuts in 2019 and 2013, respectively, telling podcast listeners, “I had a fairly decent idea that this was going to happen.”

Despite the blow, Günsberg described the last week as “really very, very funny for me, because it’s not the first time that I’ve lost two jobs in the same day.”

Reflecting on the cancellation of the original run of Australian Idol, Günsberg described himself as “absolutely broken,” before finding his feet due to the help of a mentor.

“There was my mentor, David, who has guided me and helped me as I learn how to live life on life’s terms. I said, ‘David, I’ve just lost the last two jobs that I’ve had in the last 18 hours’, and without missing a beat he says, ‘Well, I’m excited for you pal, that means there’s bigger plans for you’.

“I was shocked that he did not want a front row ticket to the pity party I was throwing. So repeating myself, I said, ‘I don’t think you heard me, man. I’m now unemployed.’ And again, he’s like, ‘No, I don’t think you heard me. I am excited for you. This means there are bigger and better things ahead for you.'”

Günsberg continued, saying the reframe “absolutely changed everything,” with the news that “my new job was to invent the next job I was going to do.”

When confirming that The Bachelor and The Masked Singer wouldn’t be returning, a Network 10 spokesperson said the resting of the franchises would “give Osher a moment to rest his voice which has worked overtime screaming ‘Take It Off’ and simultaneously dropping to a whisper to deliver the iconic line of ‘I’m sorry, but you did not receive a rose.'”

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Osher Günsberg will continue to narrate Bondi Rescue, with Season 18 set to air later in 2024.

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