Paris Hilton discusses new memoir on Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield

paris hilton

“People are seeing just how women shouldn’t be treated the way I was treated by the media”

Paris Hilton joined Abbie Chatfield on her national radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield in an Australian radio exclusive to discuss her new memoir, Paris: The Memoir.

Among a number of topics, Hilton and Chatfield discussed their shared experience with having ADHD. Hilton said in her memoir, “If I’m going to love my life, I’m going to love my ADHD.” 

In the interview, she said, “It’s a superpower in ways where I think outside of the box. My whole career, I’ve been about forward thinking and taking risks.”

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Talking about singer-songwriter P!nk’s 2006 song Stupid Girls where Hilton was ‘poked fun of’ among other celebrities at the time, Hilton said,  “I love P!nk, I think that her music is amazing, she has always been kind to me, but you know, that (music) video did hurt my feelings.”

“That was so long ago that I’m just happy that times are finally changing, and people are just seeing just how women shouldn’t be treated that way or the way I was treated by the media,” she said.

Later in the interview, Hilton talked about forgiving her family after being sent to that ‘troubled teen boarding school.’

“I know it wasn’t my family’s fault, I was a rebellious teenager, I was seeking out, I was getting bad grades,” she said.

“My parents had no idea what was happening behind closed doors, and I couldn’t even tell them while I was in there because anytime I tried there would be staff members next to me and they would immediately hang up the phone and then take away my phone privileges and tell my parents that I was lying.

“So I think that’s how these places have gotten away with it for so long because they try and brainwash the parents into thinking their kids are lying and so they can get away with basically anything.”

The interview was rounded out with Paris Hilton talking about her husband Carter Reum and son Phoenix.

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