Hit Network launches Abbie Chatfield’s brand-new segment Australian Made

Hit Network - Abbie Chatfield and Sycco

Australian Made has been created to celebrate and highlight Australian musicians with interviews and live performances

Hit Network launched Abbie Chatfield’s brand-new segment, Australian Made, on her national Nights show, Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, across the Hit Network.

Australian Made has been created to celebrate and highlight Australian musicians with interviews and live performances.

Each Thursday, a special musical guest will join Abbie in an intimate studio where they will perform two songs live and sit down for a chat about their artistry.
Keli Holiday,
also known as Adam Hyde from Peking Duk, was the first to feature in the series with his performance of ‘We Don’t Have To Know’ and ‘Where You Feel’.

Singer-songwriters Sycco and Lucy Lucy have also stepped into the studio to perform and chat with Abbie about being in the industry and telling those stories behind the music. Artists soon to be featured on Hot Nights include, Mia Wray, Tuppaware Party, Betty Taylor, Hope D and more!

Hit Network - Abbie Chatfield and Keli Holiday

Abbie Chatfield and Keli Holiday 

Chatfield said: “I love Australian music, it’s the majority of what I listen to and with the Australian Made series we’re finally able to spotlight Australian artists on the show.
“From big names to small local bands who send in DMs to the show, Aussie artists are so talented and I’m so glad I can provide this platform to share their music.”
Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield from 7-9pm weeknights across the Hit Network or on the LiSTNR app.

This comes after Chatfield was named as the host of BINGE’s first original reality series, FBoy Island.
The 10-episode reality series, coming to the streaming service in 2023, will follow three Australian women on their quest to find love, helping each other to navigate the world of dating as they attempt to uncover who are the self-proclaimed “nice guys” looking for love, and who are the self-proclaimed “FBoys” only there to play the game and win the cash prize.
Chatfield said: “I am so excited to be hosting FBOY Island in 2023 and can’t wait to work on a dating show that encourages women to work together and support each other in the pursuit of finding love, and separating those charming Fboys from the lovely nice guys.”

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