Parental Guidance to premiere Monday, November 1st on Nine and 9Now

Parental Guidance

• Parental Guidance takes us behind the closed family doors of parenthood

Every Australian parent will be comparing and asking whether their parenting ways are right when Channel Nine’s new series, Parental Guidance, premieres Monday, November 1, at 7.30pm.

When it comes to modern-day parenting, none of us are nailing it, but we all have an opinion on how it should be done. Is strict parenting better than letting your kids run free? Do tiger parents produce smarter kids than allowing children to develop naturally?

Ally Langdon and Australian parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson put opinionated parents, with diverse parenting methods, to the test through a series of challenges in the search for Australia’s best parenting style. 

Every episode the challenges escalate in difficulty, pushing families to their limits to discover their strengths and the areas they can improve. Here they’ll laugh at their fails, share advice, and most importantly celebrate their successes, even when the parent in question can’t see it for themselves. 

Do you smack your child? Would your child go off with a stranger? How do you deal with discipline? Do you let your child run free? How would your child react without screen time for 24hours? Parental Guidance will change the conversation around these fundamental parenting issues in Australia. 

These parents will take turns judging each other’s style, tackling controversial approaches to parenting that will divide opinion, cause spirited debate and be very uncomfortable for some. 

• Strict parenting style: Andrew and Miriam from NSW
• Nature parenting style: Liadhan and Richard from SA
• Attachment parenting style: Lara and Andrew from VIC
• Routine parenting style: Brett and Tony from VIC  
• French parenting style: Yann and Donna from NSW
• Tiger parenting style: Kevin and Debbie from NSW
• Home school parenting style: Deb from QLD  
• Helicopter parenting style: Rachel and Sam from QLD
• Free range parenting style: Penny and Daniel from NSW  
• Disciplined parenting style: Rob and Sioux from SA 

Parental Guidance takes us behind the closed family doors of parenthood, and how we ourselves were raised, to find out how to do it right, right now. 

Parental Guidance premieres: Monday, November 1, At 7.30pm on Channel Nine and 9now

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