Outdoor Media Association welcomes AOM and nettlefold

OMA - Elizabeth McIntyre

Carlos Reyna: “The OOH industry is going from strength to strength”

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) have welcomed Australian Outdoor Media (AOM) and nettlefold to their association.

OMA members are able to access a range of benefits, including audience measurement, industry research, advocacy, and networking opportunities. 

AOM Chief Operating Officer Carlos Reyna said, “The team at AOM are proud to be part of the industry association to drive innovation for advertisers. Understanding more about audiences and how to best engage with them is at our core, and we are excited to bring our knowledge to the broader OOH ecosystem.”

OMA CEO Elizabeth McIntyre said, The OOH industry is going from strength to strength, just having reported a year-to-date net media increase of 12.8 per cent. Having more media owners join the association means more accurate reporting of revenue and standardisation around policies and measurement that make it easier to buy the channel. As we move closer to the launch of our new audience measurement platform MOVE 2, we represent close to 100 per cent of the signs in Australia.” 

Michael Nettlefold

Michael Nettlefold

Nettlefold founder David Nettflefold was inducted into the OMA Hall of Fame in 2021. His son, Michael Nettflefold started his career as a bill poster in his father’s company before working his way up.

Nettlefold Managing Director Michael Nettlefold said: “Together with my brother Barclay (the founder of QMS) and my father, we have a proud family history in OOH media. We are pleased to again be a part of the OMA and look forward to being able to provide an ongoing meaningful contribution.” 

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